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Barry and Terri CollecuttNew Zealand husband and wife team Barry and Terri Collecutt are back with their new album “Be My King”.   Be My King has been achieving significant penetration across the globe via the internet on sites like IndieHeaven and and on the radio with regular appearances in the CRW Indie Charts in the US and Indie Christian Radio charts in Australia.  Once you hear their music, you’ll understand why so many people have been taken by it.  “Our vision is simply to make God famous. To reach the world through worship, word and wonders. Our world is the people around us stretching as far as God would trust us. Worship is our humble response to the revelation and presence of God. The Word is essential in providing the fuel and focus of our worship ensuring that we worship Him in truth. We also long to see God move amongst His children with wonders and miracles as they worship Him.” 

Haagon Lister says he has four passions, "serving God, my family, playing music, and bass fishing."  Haagon and his wife have been leading worship and on staff at Word of Faith Outreach Centre in Joaquin, TX, for the past eight years.  “My Worship Leading Influences are: Paul Baloche, Lindell Cooley, Michael Farren "pocket full of Rocks", Martin Smith, Chris Tomlin, Jason Morant. If I had a goal in song writing, it would be to be like Paul Baloche, writing songs for the Church and still lead worship at my home church.  I want to share the songs God has given me.  I wrote some songs a while back and never did anything with them, and then went through a dry season of no songs in my heart.  It was the most empty feeling.  I Prayed about it and God said that He would give me songs as long as I would share them. So what better place to obey God than on

Dan McCullough's life passion and mission statement is “to serve God with all of my heart mind soul and strength.  To be used of God to bring others closer to Him.  To hear ‘good and faithful servant’ at the end of my race.  To use the gifts I have been given (be they 1, 5, or 10 on the talent scale) for his glory.  Dan is also an Electrical Engineer who was saved at age 3 grew up in a wonderful Christian home.   With many of my songs I really try to put some depth of the word into them.  An understanding of who Jesus is now and what he really accomplished for us.  I probably overdo this at times, but it is part of who I am.




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"Every time our songs are featured on your site we see an immediate increase in people viewing our songs. In fact, the very first time we had to change the server that our free downloads were held on as we were paying for the extra bandwidth each month! Thank you for your ministry - it enables everyone to so easily share what God has given them."  Barry and Terri Collecutt

You do such a terrific job! God bless you for this incredible project and what you have done to open up a whole new concept in P&W promo and distribution! It's a wonderful accomplishment and God has used you in a way that is SO simple and yet SO PROFOUND! He takes the seemingly simple things (like dirt) and creates the most intricately detailed projects (like PEOPLE!) Rebecca J. Huseby

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