Vanilla tunes is excited to present online a lyric video of Young Holiday’s thought provoking track titled MBOKO. A track done to explore his views on originality, language and cultural relevance of art and his path as a conscious rapper. In his traditional Bar to Bar delivery, he narrates his encounter with a certain voice who questions the authenticity and originality of his art based on his choice of language and Life style. “I want people to know it’s real as long as it’s a narrative of your reality, and emotions” He stresses.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ralf Instrumentals, lyric video by Demonstra Ejob, and Cover art by Zee val and Nyanchi Scofield, Mboko comes as a powerful track-laying tractor with a broad curved upright blade at the front to carve a path for Young Holiday and broaden the direction his art is headed.

Watch more at: Lyrics Videos


  1. Is this speaking to Jovi?…….. i have been following Kamer ent indust of late and suddenly fell in love with this guy……. Wan shey and Tina are good also, i think the rest are noise makers… {love from neighboring 234}

  2. I have a lot in common with this guy when I first came across him on Facebook. #Conscious of who we are. A generation of lies told to us and we carry the slave mentally everywhere we go and defend those who destroyed us both physical and spirutual. You mustn't be #Moko to be who you are. Even the rap itself na blacks dem startam to free themselves from racist segregation, represent it the best you could. #Young Holiday.


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