Song “Yazoo: Softly Over Lyrics” from Yazoo Lyrics album:

It’s over, there’s nothing more to say
Silent comes the night time, end another summers day
I can just remember, or is this the dream that never goes away.

Understand me, I’m calling –
Understand me, can you hear me call.

Night time, surely it’s a lie,
No-one ever told me, I just let the chance go by
Wishing there was time enough, you tell me there’s no time, but I can try.

[Chorus repeat]

Speak now, without the summer light
All the words I should have spoken, when you held me tight
Still I’ll keep in calling, till the morning ends another lonely night.

[Chorus repeat]

I’ll be waiting for you hoping, that someday you’ll hear me calling
But there’s never any answer, just the echo of the call

Yazoo: Softly Over Lyrics from Yazoo Lyrics

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