Yanga – Little Girl (Lyric Video)

Little girl is the third single released off of Debut album, “Promise Land”.
Listen to the album here:

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Recorded and released by Gallo Record Company

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  1. Im so impressed 🔥 very touching .very inspiring to the youth ..we face so much but always put on a fake marks just to hide the the sadness away .very inspiring and healing at the same time🔥👏

  2. You are so pretty I can’t😩. When you smile it’s like the world suddenly lights up:)😍. You are so strong and I love that about you:). You are such and inspiration to me Yanga and never stop being the person you are because I love how you are right now, keep being me idol🥺💕. Hopefully you have a concert but I will probably cry if I see you but still will hopefully be there❤️😌☺️

    xoxo: Omhle from Johannesburg


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