Song “XV: More Millions Lyrics” from XV Lyrics album:

So many people rapped over “A Milli”
But I’m trying to get MORE millions, right Jay?

One a million, 2 a million, 3 a million, 4
I’ll rap on it, you’ll rap on it, we’ll rap on it: go!
All these rappers, call them rappers, all they do is flow
Words together, heard they’re better out there slangin coke
That said, and I wouldn’t wish that even on my folk
I’m a get this money and go, then I’m leaving on my own
Cause I’m ashing at the rap game in these rap planes
Thinking they gonna be the next Biggie and 2Pac Mayne
All you need is that beat with that flow and that chain
I was having a lot more fun with my Atari and Pac Mayne
Don’t make me remind you what rap is: I smack kids
Niggas know I drop beats like Jack did when rap is a spectacle
Like when it’s scored in Mexico, $2 a gallon Texaco
Like Obama winning the election yo!
That’s muthafuckin unreal! I want more millions than Weezy and
More O’s than Jeezy and more clothes than Yeezy
And I hope that you believe me
Cause the big homie bounced and said “get in XV’s weight”
I put red on their head like Ronald Weasley
Ain’t nobody stopping, losing’s not an option
Me and 7 flowers, I’m like Batman, this is Robin
Stop it, stop it, they tellin me to stop it
You think you good talking about lightsabers and Hobbits?
I ain’t gonna cheat y’all and I ain’t gonna be hard
I like bars, I like dudes that’s in the Geek Squad
Come and fix your ethernet, promise that I’ll leave her wet
With a faster connection, an erection [?]
Are all nerds as good as you? I tell her yes
Cause nerds do everything they do, well the best
New album on the way: tell em shelve the rest
I’m thinking how many people should be yelling X?
“One million, 2 million, 3 million 4! “
Put me on the MTV buzzed and they gonna tell me “next! “
Cause I’m the next, fuck it I’m the best!
Muthafucka I’m I’ll! Now drop it

XV: More Millions Lyrics from XV Lyrics

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