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Tittles of the Song’s:
From the inside Out
Mighty to Save
Sing to the Lord
Here in my Life
I’m not ashamed
In the Mystery
Lead me the Cross
Lord of Lords
To know your Name
You are my faithfull
You are my Strenght
You saw me
Never Let me Go
Perfect Love
Shout to the Lord
Thought it All
With all I am

Worship Songs… by UCrug8XCh_LVQIsM2AEmLJ3g


  1. + Manuel it's reality it's realistic to be having these confrotations of tributes gangs battles and deliverences and freedom it's to my family members and friends I will prevail and win this battle I have the mind set on my goals archieve everything that was taking from me jospha

  2. I will lock you up for the ruins of all body's where you was keeping them in a mental institution were they weren't being able to defend themself as they suppose to and for keeping them in a defences way believe me I will fight for this justice of type of behavior for I have alot of people who I love friends of mines and I am not in the force of sayanic turchors of mental minds so I will prevail this inside the heavently court of justice and I find the defended guilty of charges on the first degree

  3. For I Miriam r am a smart spiritual individual who walks with the law making intersation for my own self of good will and behavior for none intersect in what I am doing and working with the Lord yes this it's my personal job and I know how to assignment it very well in the name of Jesus thank

  4. + since I'm spiritual like that I already now where it all reflects too cause groups to listen in the door and starting conflurtations and sending kids to steal for they beneficials causing all his victims not to give them a chance to do they nessicity choice in they house and appartment and keeping all they victims busy by sending to unknown places and getting retum of his victims by causeing them eternal bleeding and causing them to think that they metal when I say I'm going to take you to court I will for I am no joke buddy junior josepha

  5. +this it's good because the feds was asking who was the one playing with my indenity now I know for sure and all who it's praise will go to the federal law of justice for changing my personal indenity and for me having insurance on a car that I don't drive and I know who I saw and I also I'm going to lock Ken's family up and for having it's nephew and other insividuals acting like a person that they not in the name of Jesus Christ I already have papers on this Kenneth cousin will get lock up I have him recording of Ken telling me about that his cousin Miriam stole in a jelwertly store from p-a which it was a lie he was saying this because I didn't want to be with him and because he knows I walk with the Lord but for him doing this he will see how I am about to rock him inside the criminal of justice of law Jessi it's going to jail because I have pictures of all to show the ones that did me hurt and my family the ones that stood good by me and my family those are the ones who it's blessed Ken it's getting lock up for putting aps of internal bleeding coursing all his victims to come and go out of the hospital when in reality there's nothing wrong with them I'm going to charge him for interfering with an actove alive body in corsing hos victims not to raise again and keeping his victims in mental institution making them feel lonely for he will be charge for this

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  7. Does anyone know the name of the song and artist that sings at 31:15? I love this song so much, I feel the Holy Spirit every time I hear this song. I love all of the songs. I always feel an anointing of the Holy Spirit enter me when I listen to this playlist. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for all you do for us.

  8. I wanna say a pray in Arabic for Christian plzz all translate to English she start : ابنا الذي في السماوات ليتقدس اسمك ليأتي ملاكوتك لتكن مشياتك كما في السماء كذلك على الأرض أعطينا خبزا كافاف يومنا و اخفرلنا خبزا و خطايانا كما نحن نخفر امن أخطاء و أساء الينا ولا تدخلنا في التجارب لكن نينا من الشرير
    MY AGE IS :13
    GD BYE

  9. I don't go to church. I don't read the Bible but I believe and trust that there is God. I believe I receive God as my personal savior of my life. He always guide me. THANK YOU FOR THE SONDS.


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