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  1. I agree with everything here. I'm a Christian and I've never found Christian music that good or interesting, although there are some exceptions I would like to see more creativity and diving into deeper subjects within Christian music. I've seen so much cliche and people not even bothering to talk about deeper, darker subjects like insecurities and doubt. What's even more insane is I've seen Christians who try and force other people into it which is something nobody should ever do. It's ok to introduce people to the idea, but it's their choice to choose what they want to believe.

  2. Christian music sucks. Where is the power of the rolling drums of thunder, the majestic blast of the trumpets, the heavenly sounds of the harps? I would rather listen to epic, alternative, 60s, or Superman, Batman, scify music, other worldly, anything else, any day of the week. 😬 They're afraid of worshipping their creator before the world.😬 That's a crying, crying, disastrous shame.😒 Let God be felt in some drum rolls and bass, and minimize the lyrics to something well meaning from the scriptures or the truth of this reality to home it all in. For crying out loud.😫 Stop this candy lyric nonsense, for crying out loud. 😫 Jesus Christ is truly awesome and out there!!!! Don't they truly understand this?

  3. The problem is that these artists are starving their listeners emotionally because they serve themselves while claiming to care about others. Yet we wonder why the people we "claim" to care about appear no different.

    Christian artists need to stop dropping a new song just for the sake of quickly turning an attitude and instead start addressing more genuine, primary matters of the heart.

    Let's be brutally damn honest here: "You are in it for the money. So stop saying Jesus while you knowingly starve His kids."

  4. There's no musicianship anymore.. Christian music has gone way down hill ,hasn't been the same since the 90s maybe early 2000nds.. The only Christian music I even listen to anymore my CD's from the early 90's
    There's isn't really any Christian rock anymore.. Everything is either boring draggy two cord pop or boring draggy cookie cutter hillsong type stuff.
    Now Disciple is very good if you like heavier stuff like I do.

  5. I love that you are bringing this up. Most of the popular christian music is very repetitive, a lot feels very shallow, and just is not my kind of music. I often feel annoyed and bored. However, "You say" is actually one of the popular christian songs that I somewhat liked. I understand what you are saying about the clichés, but I think that that song, in that case, would be the best version of the clichés.

  6. You really mean Chrustian radio sucks. Go to a church service and you may have a different opinion. Better yet, ask Jesus to save you first. You need Jesus, as does everyone.

  7. just came across this by accident and I must say I'm saddened to hear that a Christian is ok with bad language on Christian music. Ephesians 4:29 springs to mind and I'm sure God would expect us as Christians to follow His rules and guidance. We are no longer part of the World we live in once we are saved so don't act like it.
    I do however agree that much of Christian music is poor and rather dull to listen to. My music collection is around 95% secular and that does sadden me. It also shows me that there's probably too many restrictions put on Christian artists with regards to what they can sing about and how they should sound. I would love to hear Christian artists sound like RHCP's, Opeth, Moby, Faithless, Boston, Rush, Muse, Chicane or anything that's outside the usual pop drivel we normally hear. I am talking about musical styles and not lyrical content btw.

  8. I do agree with you about the Christian music these days on the radios, because all they want is money, but I don't agree that you should listen to other music like alternative, or I heart radio, because that music is very antichrist, I did research about worldly music and heard some and a lot of them are demonic and a example of that is "Billie Elish all good girls go to hell", that song is very satanic and it would give a wrong mind to us if we listen to it and be more in depth of satan's doctrines, It's hard to find good Christian music, but doesn't mean listen to demonic music.

  9. This may not be the best example of what my favorite singer, DAVID PHELPS, a tenor, songwriter, arranger, producer, etc., can do with his almost 4 octave range (look up "Just As I Am" for THAT!  😀 ), and this might not even be the best example of his songwriting ability…but I feel it's a rare look into an artist with depth explaining the origins of the creativity which can go into a song–at least many of David's, where the heart is.  Sorry for the length–it takes awhile for the explanation to finally get to the song, "Legacy of Love."  He has always explained at concerts where this song came from, and challenges what will YOUR legacy be?

  10. If you see this, you forgot one. The tsunami of estrogen all over Christian men and yes, I am Christian. Every single Christian vocalist has an effeminate voice! This one infuriates me more than anything else. The men singing the songs all sound so feminine that I wretch in disgust whenever I hear it. A man being effeminate is not holy, it simply makes you and all of us Christians look pathetic. On a side note, Mercy Me is the worst band ever. I am so sick and tired of everyone praising the abhorrent I Can Only Imagine!

  11. Im not christian and i hate Christian music. I dont hate it because it's christian, i hate it because its bad. Im a fan of "deep" lyrics and christian music doesnt have a lot. All the sings are basically just "god is good and respect jesus" 21 pilots is the only christian music i like and if 21 pilots can make christian music that a non christian likes, you know theyre doing it right. We need more good christian bands. Ive never belived in god and probably never will, but if people like Tøp keep doing what theyre doing and doing it right and not repeating things cough cough polarize i might actually appreciate christian music.

  12. Great rant! I actually searched this because someone near me was playing loud Christian music with the same tired chords I've heard a million times before, the same hackneyed lines. . . it almost made me want to cry, I'm so sick of it!

    I wouldn't even mind if just a couple people listened to it, if it fits your personal taste, that's fine, everyone's taste is different. . . but the fact that it's MAINSTREAM, and it's played ALL THE TIME by almost EVERYONE, and that if I try to say anything against it (because it's PAINFUL to the ear) people will be indignant and use the fact that "it's worship music" to somehow automatically place a sacred cage of protection around it, as if by asking someone to turn their annoying "Christian" music off, I'm somehow attacking God himself, is just. . . . RRRRRRGHHH
    I've watched several rants on this same topic in the last hour and everybody brings some good, original insights to the table. The Real Music Observer did a good rant about this too! But comments were disabled for his video :p :p

    Thanks as always Cliff!!

  13. I have a suffer to worship God with post-modernistic "christian music" who just slowly go away from the bible. I like more traditional christian music with stories from the Holy Bible and I like best to listen to christian music with my mother language who is Norwegian

  14. My favorite memories of Contemporary Christian Music were in the 70s and 80s. Artists like Andre Crouch, Dallas Holmes, Sandi Patti, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith were really inspirational artists who’s music had a contemporary sound equal to any mainstream pop music yet they were able to maintain the sacred message of the Gospel in their lyrics.

  15. Yes and Amen! As a Christian and a musician/artist I’m constantly searching for other artists who are people of faith. Sufjan is amazing. I enjoy everything from softer folk like sufjan, the Grey Havens and Josh Garrels to the chillwave worship of Rivers and Robots to hardcore, metal, punk, indie stuff from labels like Facedown, Vision of God, Zap etc. good stuff! The best stuff you’ve never heard!

  16. It sucks because rather than having it's own unique identity, it just copies other genres. It's always 'Christian' Rock, 'Christian' Rap, 'Christian' Pop, etc. That and it relys on gimmicks, like female musicians being upheld for being female rather being good at their instruments (looking at you Skillet). And yes, it's amazingly cliche and close-minded in its songwriting and lyrical content. Now excuse me while I go listen to Patsy Cline, aka the good ole stuff!

  17. I cannot abide the BOOM BOOM BOOM racket in the nondenominational church I've been attending, and repeating the same lyrics over and over and over again. NOT going back. I'll stay HOME. Screw it.

  18. Just watched this video for the first time. Agree with this topic! What are your thoughts on bands like thrice, anberlin, emery, August burns red? I love them and they have amazing lyrics and music yet will never get played on Christian stations and it drives me nuts.


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