White Lies – Falling Out Without Me (Lyric Video)

Stream / buy Five V2, the album includes ‘Tokyo’ and two new exclusive tracks ‘Hurt My Heart’ and ‘Falling Out Without Me’:

Watch more at: Lyrics Videos


  1. Had a strange fallback to White Lies all albums the past year – if anyone wonders about all the plays on YT and Spotify (they don’t get the credit they deserve – and parts of me is glad they aren’t U2 or bla bla bla)

  2. As músicas do White Lies conversam com a minha vida de uma forma tão inexplicável. Eu sei que é muito clichê dizer que nos identificamos com as letras das nossas bandas favoritas, mas o que esses caras fazem é algo além pra mim. Obrigada 💙

  3. Another banger for the books @whiteliesmusic 🖤🕳️🖤!!! LOVING the the new sound calling back to the old sound mixed in with echoes/hints of some of the best 80's bands still circulating our playlists ❤️💯💐


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