Song “Wale: 09 Folarin Lyrics” from Wale Lyrics album:

Folarin, I still demolished a starvin artist
Go to the jeweler in June leave in December prolly
I chase profit you say my name they change topics so
Don’t start if you can’t back up like Blaine Gabbert
Don’t hate rap I just hate rappers that like perppin
Real ice on fake niggas or vice verse
Paranoia is real for me they like lurking so
Every party we real heavy wit light searching
Cloud surfing, she on the cloud wit me
You still in y’all feelings, I’m in the style section
A niggas style somethin they could never grasp
Every beat I smash like I’m ike snake cloud or kirby
They not observing the try ignore an they try murk me
Try block what I’ve done and it’s somehow workin
I should could come back wit gun before they try hurt me?
Had that bitch ringin so much got retire it jersey

I’m Bill Russell till the shits over
And when it’s final I still got a chip on my shoul…
You know what… that’s a chip on my shoulder
Only switch up on niggas wit Nintendo controllers

Gotta switch the flow up like rick flair got million rollies
These niggas scared four figures they breakin all your legs
Love loyalty, I love love an loyalty
Drop a bag on lil things like corner store employees
See I always had the passion to pass up the niggas before me
But I’m always in the shadow of average niggas wit more funding
yeah, award season, see no one love me
No more fans, no more friends, no one more lonely
I be playing solo, I don’t know nothing
Fuck the game just the bands like it’s homecoming
That’s how I’m coming, that cole shyt got me so hungry
Boy I’m so stubborn abloh, can’t make me call…

Nevermind what I was bout to say
Covered complex they did not fuck wit musically
Imma hit this Hennessy, I ain’t cool wit this industry
I don’t call niggas opps they opportunity for a reef
Sheesh… my 16 require white sheets
Quite churches a choir services when I speak
Y’all niggas should stop thinking they near me
Fathered niggas I stop seeing I dead beats

Raw poetry my pen full of karisone
Mic full of that lighter fluid
And mind you this is light me
Nobody noticing but they all aware of me
Ugh, I’m so prepared to leave
I got this beat and left it two week
Yeah, nigga too weak…

We was born good enough we just wanna be great…

Wale: 09 Folarin Lyrics from Wale Lyrics

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