Volbeat – Parasite (Lyric Video)

The New Song Parasite from Volbeat. OUT NOW:

The physical album are available as Double Vinyl, Ltd. Double Vinyl Color Edition, CD, 2CD, Ltd. Deluxe Box Edition and the digital album with the Songs “Pelvis On Fire”, “Cheapside Sloggers”, “Leviathan” & “Last Day Under The Sun” – out now at

Directed by Dan Shan


Hey it’s back again now get it off my skin
It’s back again now get it off my skin
Make it go away

Go, go, go all the way up to the fucking moon
Yeah all the way up to the fucking moon
Make it go away

Cause you’re just one little parasite who don’t know your time is up
It’s hammer time today

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  1. Even though Volbeat are an atheist band, it was actually neat to hear their music where they weren't cursing, these days everyone feels the need to Curse, just to do so, it's not that it's offensive, it's just annoying. Today, youre actually the rebel to not Curse because now everyone does so the rebel, in order to be unique and stand out, doesn't, religious or not. Everyone wants to be the rebel, but interesting enough, youre not the rebel, youre the conformist instead, I guess you just conformed to pop-culture.

  2. I love how these new "volbeat fans" are so disappointed in how their sound went lmao. They have always had a punk song on their album since I don't know when. They mix classic country, oldies, punk, thrash metal all on one album! This is what separates them from the rest. Stop bitching and enjoy when it comes out. FUCK


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