Song “Van Canto: Unholy Lyrics” from Van Canto Lyrics album:

I feel the skies are closing in.
There is an unease deep within,
slowly crawling to the core,
drooling over more.

In your deviant state of mind
the wheel of time still turning,
you think you are the one.
By fires you’ve been burning worlds to pieces,
nothing remains.

In vain to firefight
the fiend in you,
the demon deep inside.
You were born unholy.
You are shading lives,
no matter what,
your nature’s built on lies
you’re born unholy.

I am disgusted by your words.
They are causing an alert
and I am feeling mesmerized.
I will not accept your lies.

And so I’m trying to foresee
your decisions in the making.
Ignore your two-faced mind.
By rumors you’ve been breaking worlds to pieces,
nothing remains.

Everything bad you have been
now united in you.
Every sin that you commit
one day will come back to you.

Begone! Nothing will be undone.
Under the next sun you will hide,
hunted by wolves you will run.

Van Canto: Unholy Lyrics from Van Canto Lyrics

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