Song “Vado: 14 Bricks Lyrics” from Vado Lyrics album:

[Verse 1]
Let the fiends tell it, I’m a wanted man
Made it to a brick from a hundred grand
I’m trying not to front my man
He a shooter, not a hustler, but he don’t understand
Got a nice thing going now, I’ma do all the talking
Just hold me down
Spoiled like I was the only child
Flooded the whole watch and made the Rollie loud
It’s over, just met with Mexicans
I don’t do rovers, since they Americans
They questioning, homicide but no evidence
Suit and tie detective men tinted rentals you catch them in
Ask Tomy, keep banging homie
And stay away from them niggas that ain’t your homie
I said damn, that’s some real shit,
Cause half these niggas ain’t even real shit

Move a key, move a pound
Move the leak, move the town
Move the piece, if it’s found, you going down nigga
Get dough, get a block, get flow, get they hot
If you’re not, don’t come around nigga
We got it forever, we popping, you never
Send shots to whoever, bullets hopping your sweater
Turning dreams to nightmares, we out here cheer
Got 14 bricks right there

[Verse 2]
When it’s drama, we don’t settle it
Hard hat, army jacket, full metal it
Man down when that metal spit
I’m heaven sent, but I’m down where the devils went
Once the blood spill, you mop it up
Body count, body bags, after you chop them up
He came home and I got him up
You coping what? Who sent you, ain’t no popping up
Heat cocker, G shocker, see how smooth in this polo, a Pet nice rocker
Play the sin a on me like Ibacka
Move with teamsters till the day I meet Haffa
20 k forward let’s go 10 10 so win win,
Just spend rent up in Chichin
High off life I’ve been bent, white ice, dirt bikes, bent bent


[Verse 3]
Yo, killer be kills to game, how you feel the same
Just move pills, the main
I don’t feel you maine, fuck chill I still can hold it still and aim
Got the clothing deal from game, new money we seeing
Soon as he finish reing
Hard blocks like cruising bms
Finding me with Korean or European


Vado: 14 Bricks Lyrics from Vado Lyrics

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