Song “Unearth: Lie To Purify Lyrics” from Unearth Lyrics album:

Consumed by self loving pain, self loathing bliss. it eats away, burns you like a cancer. the feeling’s inside mask your size
with your will. now you fall from heart and soul. break; years of frustration. all to plain to see. ease into war. invade with
foul fingers. lie to purify. crushing what’s not you. they say some are born with a blackened heart. fell to the curse of a
bastard life. cursed with a bastard life. your lust to celebrate your name. will cause your fall. can’t change; years of
frustration. all have yearned to see. the pedestal crumble. ignored acts of aggression. falsify to slave. avoiding all that’s
true. you stand up; then you fall heartless soulless appetite. you’re crossing almost every line. now it’s time to wash away. you
lost your way. you crossed the line. you crossed every line

Unearth: Lie To Purify Lyrics from Unearth Lyrics

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