Song “UFO: This Kid’s Lyrics” from UFO Lyrics album:

[1] Kid’s gettin’ tired of hangin’ around
So cocksure, thingin’ aloud
Can’t get it in when you can’t get it out
Sure ain’t enough and there ain’t no doubt

You can’t stop a train with just a smile
Stop bein’ a star only for a while
Hole in my pocket and a hole in my arm
And that’s left when life’s lost it’s charm

This could be for us just any other day
So come on girl, we really got to get away
It’s the only chance you’ll ever have to take
Stayin’ in this city will drive you insane


Can’t win or lose when there’s little left to choose
Now til next year it’ll always be the same
The black back streets an people who don’t know your name
Go with the wind if it’ll only carry you away

UFO: This Kid’s Lyrics from UFO Lyrics

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