Song “UFO: Any Day Lyrics” from UFO Lyrics album:

We seem to be so alone
How it feels is nothing new
We’re only going through the motions
Me and you
I’ll go back home again
There’s nothing left but empty rooms
We’re passing through and
It can’t end for us too soon

[1] Any day, any day
I’ve got to get up and go
I wanna tear all this down
Breakaway, breakaway
Everyday seems so damn slow
I don’t wanna be around

Now my baby sits and stares
The clock spins the hours away
And there’s nothing left
For you or I to say
Should be out having fun
How, come we don’t anymore
But we been through this
Too many times before
Here comes my coat now
Put it on my head
Before I get to city prone
I ain’t no judge
I ain’t no diplomat
I don’t need no crystal ball

[Repeat 1]

UFO: Any Day Lyrics from UFO Lyrics

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