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How else can I Trust God? But to release my cares and Burdens to Him. I pray that this session will bring a shift in your experience. These songs were not written, but spontaneous, unedited, unrehearsed and downloaded straight from the Holy Spirit in moments of needing to believe and trust again.
On this evening I had an encounter with God. I was struggling with stagnation, doubt,, patience and loneliness. So I dealt with it the only way I know how to….Through worship. So I began to sit down at my keyboard and mic and just let the spirit and words of the Lord flow through me. This one is a little intense than normal, but a breakthrough was achieved that night as I pray that you shall receive as you listen and travail in the spirit.

This is a spontaneous private home session of prophetic worship. This music is unedited and unrehearsed, just effects added. Straight from the heart of God through my voice and fingertips. This music can be played in your home, church or for your prayer time to bring you into the presence of God. Please enjoy and be blessed by it!!
This channel features real worship music videos which invites the Holy Spirit into your midst. Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the Lord who created us all. This channel focuses viewers on the essentials of God-honoring worship, combining biblical foundations with practical application in a way that works in the real world. Worship intellectual and teacher, Jordan Williams of King’s Worship, is an anointed worship leader and noted songwriter who skillfully instructs pastors, musicians, and church leaders so that they can root their congregational worship in unchanging scriptural and metaphysical principles, not divisive cultural trends. Jordan covers a variety of topics such as the wondrous effects of sound, the power of sound and music and how to base our worship on God’s self-revelation rather than our assumptions, the fuel of worship and the community of worship.

This channel is appropriate for all worshippers from varied backgrounds and from various denominations, as this channel will bring a vital perspective to what readers think they understand about praising God.

King’s Worship is a ministry started by Jordan Williams to reach the heart of God through music and song. I was unctioned by the Lord to bring the heart of worship through my gifting of musicianship and writing. I was always have many hours in the week where I worship and hear from God through the playing and meditation of my music and now I want to share it with the public and share it with you.

Please subscribe to my channel! Will have more great uplifting music coming to bring you to God’s heart.
God Bless. Enjoy!!

Keyboards- Jordan Williams
Casio Privia- PX350M
Sounds triggered through Mainstage- Kontakt VST’s
Midi Controller- Korg NanoKontrol 2

Trusting In You- Over 1 Hour of Worship Instrumental Piano Prayer Soaking Music

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Trusting In You- Over 1 Hour of Deep Prayer Soaking Worship Music For Faith by UCwqNZjvgAGP_qOEmUpVbvAQ


  1. This is ken in Florida, I pray in the name if Jesus , I bind all the princeapalities ,powers, rulers of darkness of this world, and wicked spirits in high places, on assighment against this ministry, in Jesus name I command them to shut up be still assignment's be void,null,in effective, stopped, in the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

  2. God bless all you put your hands to, this is ken,I'm new to this,got saved in 1995, I'm a fellow soldier in Christ,I think this is the coolest thing in life,or I should say the hottest,one day I'm gonna see y'all,more later!

  3. Just discovered awesome God inspired worship…I have been with God all day….It has been amazing.. I am in that secret place….the tears are flowing …as I listen to the heart of God speaking to me through the sounds ,chords notes…. patterns … I am surrounded by his living water…I am captured by his love….God bless you my brother….You are a treasure of God….

  4. Listening to this beautiful worship at work and can only say it is allowing me to stay in perfect peace…what an amazing gift you have, Jordan. I'm new to Kings Worship but trust me, I'm a fan! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.

  5. In every Faith His promises are worthy of Trust… “We are closer to man than his life-vein.” "I am the royal Falcon on the arm of the Almighty. I unfold the drooping wings of every broken bird and start it on its flight." – Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

  6. Bless you Kingdom worship for your dedication in helping others around the Globe. As a leader in Christ for the Kingdom of God we need encouragement and direction. To hear this powerful worship ministering to my inner man stirred up, Gods fire like never before. Thank you! Blessings your sister in Christ Evangelist Stephanis

  7. Kings Worship, I just want to share with you that your worship is truly anointed for the glory of God..
    There's no place I rather be then to be in the very presence of God..
    I love soaking worship..

    Lord, thank you, for this man of God. May you continue to fill him with your anointing spirit over his life, that he may continue to be use and take all those that listen to his worship into the holy of holies…Hallelujah…thank you Jesus!

  8. Hello brother !!! I am new to Ministries and need some powerful music that will move and motivate. Any suggestions would be great. Have been looking for a while but unfortunately it is to cookie cutter or stuff that people already know. I would like something new and fresh. Love you and God Bless.

  9. I am very blessed by this worship session. Father took away the struggle in my heart when I am listening to it. Thank you very much for sharing such precious and Holy Spirit brew soaking session!! Blessings to you!!


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