This is the top 50 list of the best new Praise and Worship Songs of Autumn 2016. Our world may be facing uncertain times, but we know that one thing is certain: The Father loves us, and as we keep our eyes on Him, peace and joy will reign in our hearts and lives.

These songs are used by permission of the Fair Use Trade Copyright Act. I make no claims to this material, but share it to the glory of the Father, for ministry purposes. Please go out and purchase the albums or download the songs by these artists. This is how they earn their living, and we want to bless them financially for the hard work they put into serving the Church with their anointing.

Please comment and discuss these songs in the comments section below, and please LIKE this video, so that it reaches more and more people for the Kingdom!

Top 50 Best New Praise & Worship Songs (2017) – Part 2/5 by UCKpB69JNsHJrtKp6oWfJkSw


  1. I apologize: I guess the live version of OCEANS (WHERE FEET MAY FAIL) is so heavily copyrighted, they won't allow it to play on YouTube. I'm supportive of artists receiving compensation for their hard work, but it's too bad their record label sees money as more important than people experiencing the ministry of this song. I pray that our hearts remain pure to the heart of worship and the Spirit of Jesus Christ. I'm so thankful for artists like Jason Upton and Winston Davenport who freely encourage people to "pirate" their music. Truly to the glory of the Father, rather than the glory of a pocketbook!


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