Top 100 Worship songs 2019 – Collection Of Praise & Worship Songs 2019

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Top 100 Worship songs 2019 – Collection Of Praise & Worship Songs 2019 by UCKRgCUrU4ep0ZCO_vH7LU_g


  1. I read in the bible that Jesus asks not to worship him since all come from God and there only goes all honor. Is it satanic to worship Jesus? To think of a person is magic. Many witches man and woman use this stragedy to draw attention by giving attention to pictuers of people and they know it is magic they use to draw attention to people and get their attention just by thinking of them by looking at their picture. We have pictures of Jesus. So is this witchcraft used in the church with the use of witchcraft since the symbol of the church is a fivepointing star as witches have as their symbol and is a link to kabbalah Jews who work with the knowledge of chakra's they call formules as witchcraft. Many are familiar with this. So if it can not be called christian but witchcraft is the church therefor witchcraft and not christian? And what is being a christian if the church is witchcraft?


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