Song “Tony Yayo: Tommy Story Lyrics” from Tony Yayo Lyrics album:

Tommy tied up in a dope spot for three bricks
100 tho’ worth of guap, a gangsta nigga named Ramel
I ain’t dry snitching but this nigga real
Came home, beat the body on the pill
Had no cold feet, just rather blue steel
But the younglings run the streets now
Till this cane cop shot all mine, Max shoot him down
Kicking the door, you reach where I’m leaving them
Vikings run your dope, Adrian Peterson
Ride lil’ man on some other kind of drugs
Kicked in the door, had niggas eating slugs
Tommy drove here, reach for the covenant
Ride son, [?] off loving it
Now Tommy in the bathroom on some other shit
Like Carlito in the bathroom with an empty clip
The trials and tribulations when you catch a flips
You show a lil’ fear, them goons just taking bricks
Now intruders got his house in a mess
That Phantom Ghost had Tommy gassed like pests
Now who they gonna test? You know they want they’re weight, man
Goons plotting schemes, now they all in Tommy’s safe fam

Tony Yayo: Tommy Story Lyrics from Tony Yayo Lyrics

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