Song “Tony Yayo: Gun Jam Lyrics” from Tony Yayo Lyrics album:

Whoooo Kiiiid! [echoes]

[Beat starts]

[Intro: 50 Cent {DJ Whoo Kid}]
YEAH! [echoes]
This is just my intro! [echoes]
It’s Sirius man, this is Sirius Radio right here! [echoes] {SHADE 45!}
Grrrr! [echoes]
GGG-GGG- G-Unit… [echoes] Radio! [echoes]
Shaaady! [echoes] {CAN’T FORGET…}
Haha! [echoes] {PAUL ROSENBERG!}
Just givin’ ’em a little somethin’, somethin’! [echoes] {Eminem!}

[50 Cent:]
You screamin’ ya gun jam! – Nigga your gun ain’t jam [gunshot]
They let off ya bitch ass ran!
You screamin’ ya gun jam! {Whooooooooooooo!}
I know your type fam – you pussy I understand!
You screamin’ your gun jam! – You run when the shots [gunshot] fire
You scared the fuck to death of that hollowtip diet! {COME ON!}
Intensive care Unit after niggas get sprayed up
Jamaica Hospital 3rd floor when you layed up!
50? service is? make sure your bills get paid up
So it’s 9-1-1, when you see my gun! [gunshot] {50 Cent!}
I’m popular nigga the police know me
Just cause of this rap shit I’m rich now homie. {Whoooooo!}
Man when you not around I got your bitch all on me

She want to be my wife now, she like my lifestyle. [Eminem:] (˝DJ Whoooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!˝)
My shotty bumpin’ it’s the sweetest taboo
I play something smooth when I stunt in my Coupe.
Oooooooh! Youuuuuu! – You know these niggas ain’t like me
Everything I say I got in these raps I got bee. {DAMN!}
The cars, the cribs, the jewels, the tools, [gun cocks]
The.9’s, [shot] the Tecs, the Macks, [gun cocks] ooooooohhh! [automatic gunshots]
The burners! The Gats! [shot] Man if you confused,
I’ll send a nigga from my hood to put a hole in you! [shot]
I rock G-Unit {Whooooo!} hats – hoodies and shoes
Got “G-Unit” tattoed on my bitch too!
I drink G-Unit Water! Watchin’ G-Unit porn!
This is ShaDE 45, nigga G-Unit on! [shot] {WHAAAA’?}

[Interlude: Mike Epps]
Fuck the C.O’s!
Fuck all of ’em, makin’ money off of niggas!
They just mad Yayo, cause they can’t make no more money off of you!
They was makin’ a, a… a percentage off your head every day in there!
Now you makin’ off of them!
Fuck ’em Yayo! [echoes]

Tony Yayo: Gun Jam Lyrics from Tony Yayo Lyrics

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