Song “Tony Yayo: Fuck Ya’ll Niggaz Remix Lyrics” from Tony Yayo Lyrics album:

[Chorus x3: Tony Yayo]
Fuck y’all niggaz I murder y’all niggaz
Body y’all niggaz, clap y’all niggaz
Fuck y’all niggaz I cut y’all niggaz
Buck y’all niggaz, touch y’all niggaz

[Tony Yayo:]
I got 35 niggaz with 35 guns
You know the weapons 357’s
35 times 6 that’s 210 shots
Now it’s hot, hid from 200 cops
45 is the weapon I’m a pimp for the jux
Cause the chain on my neck is an excellent look
I’m the kid on tv that’s still on the corner
A million dollar nigga with no diploma
Yo I’m still in the p’s drinking c and c soda
Navy blue timbs match the rims on the rover
Bentley grill, changed the nose on the 6
In the strip, it’s locked like a blue nose pit
Everytime I move my lip it’s like I’m moving a brick
You move your weight in your car move my weight on a ship
God damn, God dammit
My wrist made dicaprio die in the titanic
And these haters wanna be me, hoes wanna g me
50 cal I’l tear the roof of your hemi
It’s t-o-n-y rap tycoon
Knife in my pocket give your face a half moon

I’m ballin hard, my lamborghini flying through these streets
So fast got your bitch fatty stuck to the seat
Gotta pocket full of haze, pocket full of condoms
Cannon on my waist, case there’s any problems
Diamonds on my wrists, them shits always start something
Then I gotta flip and show you that you all buggin
Pop shots, nigga when I’m holding
Everytime I squeeze it sound like an explosion

I lay you niggaz down from long range
Bang biggy bang watch me hit when you flipping
With that thing dicky thing
Me and yayo got them yayo it’s on the low
Got my mayo we in them cuios I’m at the door, hoe
Soon as I get my money you make it to them trucks
Send a couple of homies back in to tie em up
This is a robbery mayne give me all your bread
Oh he don’t know where it’s at then cut that boy head

[Lil Fame:]
You fucking with the m.o.p, marksman professional
When nigga gotta air your ass out like clarfession
You bettter be ready with ya metal be if you ever
Threaten me you gon be out a whole lotta blood checkin me
Slugs in the street, get checks care about
Thugs in the street, bitch let’s dance
From your mug to your feet
Murder murder mo murder pop ya motherufcking collar in
My whole hood hollering

[Chorus x2]

Tony Yayo: Fuck Ya’ll Niggaz Remix Lyrics from Tony Yayo Lyrics

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