Song “Tony Yayo: Black Friday Lyrics” from Tony Yayo Lyrics album:

Righteous kill
Swammies on deck, S.O.D

But todays a cloudy friday
It’s a black friday

Nigga I ain’t tryna die with nothin to show for it
2 pots in the stove blender got the dope in it
Deez hoes are embassy sweet stroking it
Jump out the m6 looking like a (yayo)
I look like money, I smell like money
Nigga I taste like that black bag cocaine money
I’m in the leer withcha boo haaa
But you little rap niggas irritate me like fruit flies
And you wonder how the coupe drive
In that bulletproof whip
No homo I need a bulletproof dick
My favorite color green just like brett far
Bitch nigga for you blog, bitch nigga get a job
I bit mikes and a bit bitches
My charles bronson bulldog bit snitches
I can’t die, my lil girl growing up fast
Groupie niggas not around pig I run past
Jump out the truck blast my little niggas deading ya
I’ll have ya head looking like a cash register
Swag hater my swag got me filthy
No lawyer money oj guilty

Tony Yayo: Black Friday Lyrics from Tony Yayo Lyrics

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