Ghana Worship Song. ( Time of Time Of Inspiration ) Vol.5
Ghana worship melody, Twi Gospel. Vine Praise

We’re Praise & Worship GOD The Mighty.
Lord We Thank You For Every Moment In Our Lives Amen!

BBP. 073
Mary Prempeh, listener said : aaaah wat a powerful n Holy Spirit worship songs.i love dis n msy the good LORD bless u n n restore ur strengh day in n day out AMEN! AMEN!!!!!!

1, Agyenkwa Yesu

2, Odo Kese

3, Mehia wo ( I need you )

4, Awurade Wofata

5, Mo Nsom no

6, Nyame yebesom wo

7, Woye Oteasefoo

8, Yeda wase

9, Ote Ase Daa

10, Holy Holy Holy

11, Meto Ayeyi Dwom

12, Oye Ohene

13, When kora mpo

14, Meda waase

15, Yen Aban kese

16, Osahene Kristo

Time of Inspiration Vol 15 ( Twi worship song ) by UCNAB0Lbi1C4JjdZ35exs1ZQ



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