Song “The Underachievers: May’s Patience Lyrics” from The Underachievers Lyrics album:

[Verse 1 – Issa Gold:]
Prophet Issa Gold though nigga’s know when the promo
Don’t book me for no show bro
If my fans can’t come and blow dro
And if we can’t come blow smoke then me and my nigga’s won’t go
Paparazzi want a photo, Kanye warn em’ that’s a no-go
Indigo smolder smoking know I’m burning medical
My legends flow, I don’t fuck with grounded nigga’s let em’ know
Spitting prophecy don’t care if nigga’s get the message though
Do it for the gods so when they old their lifted souls can go
Tired of New York potholes take a trip to the West Coast
Call these nigga’s best coast cause these nigga’s blow the best smoke
Please don’t hit my phone bro I’m in Cali eating taco’s
Time to fly back to the East these nigga’s need that new shit pronto
Chapter 23 feed a fan they need that remedy
Had a dream, now a nigga making shit reality
Don’t tell me shit, I don’t care who is ahead of me
Put the [?] I equipped with that telepathy

[Verse 2 – AK:]
Bow on arrival, loud from my survival jay
The towel on your bridal just loves when my third album’s off the record though
Every time I spit it, got a record yo
Thirty something cities signing titties we the next to blow
Head to toe, fresher than a motherfucking eskimo
You hating though
Cause your shorty mock me like a metronome
It’s the takeover so take cover the wait’s over
The streets ain’t act like this since they had baking soda
Fresh from Cali, smell the odor
Next stop Paris adios
But got a fatty, then I stroke her
C’est la vie, oh it’s over
Golden key, stay true to yourself cause the truth be the wealth that no one see
Started from the bottom, they doubt em’ but now I’m holding G’s
Went from train hopping to fucking plane hopping
Brain swapping, spreading knowledge cause me and the lane’a option
Sponsor after sponsor my nigga so fuck shopping
Cause everything free when your doing your thing proper

[Verse 3 – Issa Gold:]
They say we up next, show me who the best that nigga dead
Pay respect, twenty two year old with golden intellect
Place your bets, who you think gon’ be really winning
When you know I’m really out here and I’m handling my business

[Verse 4 – AK:]
Independence, setting the bar
Passing the fucking limit
Loud packs secure every time I’m up in this
Homie mind your business
My business is monumental man
You mental with a pen or a pencil I’m detrimental

[Verse 5 – Issa Gold:]
I’m bout to kill this coming summer these Snorlax nigga’s is slumber
Mario hitting every brick, cause I ain’t missing any one ups
Beast coast we the best and only silly nigga’s fronting
Summer night’s in fucking progress and better off that it’s coming

[Verse 6 – AK:]
Come and tap the twenty three’s
Damage rappers in any league
Cause they backwards, could never lead
Rolling black woods with hella seeds
Heifer please, this shit bigger than rapping Ma can’t you see
This is UA, we the new wave of masses that’ll set you free

The Underachievers: May’s Patience Lyrics from The Underachievers Lyrics

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