An excerpt taken from a series about music from the show Signs of the Times, a program featuring thought provoking discussion of signs indicative of Christ’s imminent second coming. Expert guests join Dr. Willard Regester from various locations around the globe. In this series of four excellent shows, Christian music artist, Christian Berdahl discusses the moral dangers of popular music & its offshoot, Contemporary Christian Music, or CCM. Visit the YouTube channel Better Life Network to see the entire series as well as other edifying videos.

The Moral Dangers of Popular & Contemporary Christian Music. by UC4ETE21GSCG18ENIsGh4xAg


  1. Are you kidding me? Syncopation in religious music has been going on for centuries. Look at the works Giovanni da Firenze of the 14th century…Bach and Handel used syncopation. Stop trying to push an agenda that isn't there. How about reading a book so you learn ACTUAL music history.

  2. A little racist leaning attitude displayed here. European music emphasizes the 1 and the 3 while Soul, R&B, and plenty of Jazz emphasizes the 2 and the 4. When you are trying to bring the message to another county or culture, do you approach them with beats they are familiar with or do you force them to adopt beats that make you comfortable?

  3. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFLMAOASTC!!!!!! And here my coveners and I coulda had all this power if we'd just played more godsdamn Dixieland at ritual!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I say we award this guy his very own foil fedora, and hope he never, EVER hears Brubeck play "Take Five"!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL!!!!!

  4. Psalm 150:4 “Praise him with the timbrel and DANCE.” How you finna dance for Jesus without any beat or syncopation.

    Throw him away! Throw the whole judgmental, independent fundamental baptist, traditional, man away! Cuz he’s not making any sense

    And then to say that by listening to CCM Christians are becoming possessed !!! If you are a Christian you cannot be possessed by anything because you have Gods spirit in you.

    This is what God is talking about when he said “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power” (I’m paraphrasing) He’s so worried with looking and acting like a “Christian” instead of working on the inside !

  5. this video is doomed!! hey boy reply me!
    Why cant you compose your OWN Christian music???

    Maybe you need hearing aid dude! or maybe you are just contradicting the Christian Songs!

    This boy is so Judgemental!!
    Whatever you tell about bad new in Christian Music! we will NEVER Believe you!! pfft! ahaha so do we need to stop singing/hearing Christian Songs Now huh??!! about your liar explanations?

    If you dont like Christian Songs! so be it!! WE DONT CARE!!!

    Sorry not sorry
    you Cant change our minds!! and you will NEVER Decieve us!!!

  6. are Hymns worldly? Yes. They stemmed from a particular culture and endure in a particular culture. Music in any church will be conducive to its culture. Is it relevent to the gospel either way? NO!!! Whether you play hymns or new songs has no bearing on eternity. Faith in Christ alone by God's grace is relevent. It simply disappoints me these kinds of ridiculous non biblical arguments. These arguments are divisive, exactly the way Satan would want them to be.

  7. Another one who use to be a rock and roll star and now he is gloriously saved and now proclaims how evil rock and roll music is. Music is just that, music. intrinsically it is neither good or evil, just a bunch of sounds arranged together that is pleasant to listen to. This is why I left the IFB.

  8. in traditional rock n roll it was the bass and drum where constant conflict to keep the high level of syncopation in 4/4 time. in punk rock with same beat only first few measure feel syncopated because the Brain sync up with the beat where it think the base drum starts the measure in 2/4 time because the bass and guitar have all accents the same strength for every beat. alot of ccm is slow down punk rock with full chords. in fact poeple still enjoy music even if the drumer did not show up because the beat is worthless. funny thing is that when pop punk become popular that old punk rock complain how tame the new fans are in early 2000s. that they did not like cussing and would drink soda over beer and like keep there amps down so would disturb others next door.

  9. An Adventist I think. Coz they dont like contemporary music or even praise songs like hillsong and planetshakers do. But I guess at some point other contemporary music is so destructive and cannot be used in glorifying God. but it is pointless when you say it is led by the devil (paganism).

  10. This guy's social cognitive mechanisms are completely misguided with super normal stimuli, specifically his attachment mechanism of which has been totally hijacked by religion. How ironic is it that he mentions the functionality of the frontal cortex and how we "cast it off"? 

    I assume he was confronted with irrefutable evidence that contradicts his blind faith, his belief that shelters him from his fear of death. Ergo, he increasingly sustains his belief by attempting to prove this absurd notion that Christian music with certain rhythms (accent on the "wrong" beat, what?????) will manipulate Christians into obey the devil. He references beefed up unnamed occult experts, using words like "syncopation" completely out of context in order to convert the gullible to believe him in order to reinforce his blind faith. 
    This guy is frightened, powerless, distressed, and hopelessly attached to a reassured explanation of what happens after death. He is weak, but no less a suffering human, another one of a million classic examples of religious victimization.

  11. This guy is the devil.

    Yes, the hyperbole may be extreme but this kind of reasoning is dangerous and he is doing the devil's work. He is pretending to be a Christian, he is nothing more than a clever anti-christian moron…..

  12. This is not only an extremely uneducated argument ( i.e. the speakers definition of syncopation ) but borders on racism.  Here is my reasoning, based upon a life of music theory, composition, performance, and history study.  When you state that music must have accents only on beat 1 or beat 3 to be Godly, you fail to recognize songs such as "How Great Thou Art" which is a "backbeat" tune. You also create an argument which excludes all music of African origin as being acceptable.  The slaves of early America, for instance, incorporated their way of producing music, their "feel" if you will, from their collective heritages.  You state that because voodoo worshippers use particular beats or rhythmic patterns, these patterns are evil.  Sir, the student of music history and theory will understand easily that in many cases these stylistic nuances support the lyrics of the song and their Godly message to the listener / performer in a much clearer way than a more Puritanical ( i.e. Sacred Harp ) approach.
    You see, the whole idea of supporting worship through music is to use the combination of lyrics, melody, accompaniment, and rests to bring the message of God to the participant.  I understand that this is difficult for some to understand who have never thought in this manner before…it is equally difficult to express in a written format.  
    My point is that we must not fall victim to the thought process that our TRADITION is correct and other traditions are wrong because they differ from ours.
    My suggestion would be to pray about the message in the song being proclaimed by the composer, arranger, and musicians.  If it has Godly, doctrinally sound lyric and the beats where the accents fall are what is keeping you from hearing this message, my contention would be that is is you who are not listening to God, rather than God who is not speaking to you.  

  13. Rock music also has very detrimental health effects – studies have shown that children who listen to it end up having hearing impairment losses WELL BEFORE their 70's. It also has been proven that it impairs people's discernment of right and wrong – lately in the news, I've read and heard stories of horrific crimes I never imagined would have happened in my lifetime, and they are occurring rather regularly too.(ie-this 'Knock Out' game)

    It's not so much that the current modern-day, organized "church" system can't discern it, but it's their love of money that's blinded them. They've accepted this junk into their church walls so they can build up their memberships, hence increase their offering plates.

    1Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    The modern day, organized "church" system has pierced themselves through with many sorrows b/c of what they have done here. No wonder why the average pastor you see now is pretty cold-hearted, arrogant, and covetous.

  14. Psalm 7
    New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    The Lord Implored to Defend the Psalmist against the Wicked.
    A [a]Shiggaion of David, which he sang to the Lord [b]concerning Cush, a Benjamite.
    Shiggaion: Dithyrambic rhythm; or wild passionate song

  15. I assume he is living in the USA.  If that's the case, isn't there a much more profound evil he should be addressing?  Music is kind of a lame target when the government uses weapons to kill people.   "Wikileaks collateral murder" search terms.  Brutal slaying of innocent children in Iraq.  Sometimes people need to get their priorities straight.  There's only one permanent solution to prevent violence by governments, to disarm them.  There's only one way to defeat evil, to teach all children how to identify trustworthy and non-trustworthy qualities in people.  You can't trust an army that goes into a country on the other side of the globe to kill innocent people.  But that culture of evil didn't come from music, it came from a whole history of irrational fears. 

  16. Hello Aaron. There is scripture given in this video I am posting for you to watch, as well as the background and history of music. So with all the info a person can make a spiritual and educated choice. I hope it helps answer your questions. Video is about 1:29:12 long. I would direct your questions to them as they will have all the material you will be looking for. Thanks Aaron. Here are the word phases to type in: (Christian Berdahl Distraction Dilemma – A Music Overview)

  17. Well, so is playing music on a piano. The early Christian church didn't have pianos. Pianos weren't invented until thousands of years later. We shouldn't be playing songs like "How Great Thou Art" on pianos. LOL!

  18. If you go by this reasoning, we shouldn't be celebrating Christmas or Easter. The days we celebrate these holidays used to be pagan holidays, the church then claimed them as christian holidays, you can look into it. I think that the power of God is stronger then this evil, so if we bring God into an area of evil, and those bringing it are strong in there faith, we can turn it into a ministry!


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