Song Lyric Prank On My Crush!😍 Trevor Daniel ‘falling’ *gone right*

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Song lyric prank on my crush… *gone right*

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I Love You Guys❤️#rodneyjjohnson #crush #falling

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  1. No disrespect Rodney but how y u going to do truth or dare with that girl and she gave you a hickey then say oh I have a crush don’t you think that she can watch that video just saying (no disrespect)

  2. No Cap* Isaiah headspace is not right lately.
    MSG To All The Phonies Peasants Out There, "Yall Stop Thinking About Just Yourselves And Think About Others Who Would Look Up To You When You Wouldn't Expect It",
    thankyou/may god watch over all, #FAM 🙏

  3. Hi Rodney I subscribed to your YouTube channel and I smash the like button and on your new video and i turn on the notification on and I comment your new video and next video can you text a teacher and I follow you on instagram and on tik tok and text me back on Snapchat or your phone number

  4. Video Idea: Do a part 2 of IF YOU RAP YOU GET SLAPPED! Also Do Guess That Rapper With JustKryptic and HBK DAE, where you take a little piece of a rappers face and you only show a little bit, and yall could rotate of who wants to do it / you have to guess the rappers name.


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