Skillet – Save Me (Lyric Video)

Skillet’s official lyric video for their new single ‘Save Me’ from their new album Victorious – Available Now.

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  1. There is nothing christian in this song. Nothing happens overnight, the most important thing to teach u self control, is Long suffering. and nothing happens overnight. Don't instill these instant happiness attitude in the mind of new generation kids..

  2. This song perfectly describes my inner true self, I've been in depression and existential crisis throughout my entire childhood, about 15 years now of depression… why I love skillet, they're songs give me an escape from reality other than my extreme video game/anime addiction, they help so much. Each song before Unleashed had a helpful message that kept me going, aswell all three days grace, linkin park, eminem, Jeremy camp…

    My mom was a drug addict who never spent time with me only meth and her boyfriend(not my dad, the guy she was cheating with), my dad was schizophrenic alcholic, and had SATAN level anger issues that horrified me(punched holes through everything, even the tv) I had to feed myself by cooking in the morning b4 school mostly ramen noodles, or dry, I had zero friends as i was avg 1ft taller then everyone so I was left out, I was bullied each year, at each school till 6th grade, I became antisocial, I had a ps1, ps2, wii my uncle got me, game cube, gameboy adv, and Nintendo 64, that's the only friends I had, were game consoles, then my mom got busted, so I went to foster care got bullied by another foster kid too, then they put me in special ed classes for some reason the kids were wild violent terrorists basically, then I finally got out, family members dying off, my first friends died in a car accident, now I'm just a lonely depressed fuck with a game addicting. I've locked All my pain and emotions away inside and theres a darkness I dont wanna show anyone and I hate it, but its who I am….
    Do you know what it's like when
    You're not who you wanna be…
    Do you know what it's like when
    You wish you were someone else, who didnt need your help, to get by…
    Do you know what it's like when
    You're your own worst enemy, who sees the things in me, I cant hide…
    Do you what is when, you wanna surrender…
    If your sick of it….
    I feel like a monster….
    Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks, falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
    Can you hear me?
    I need a hero, save me now
    No, not gonna die tonight, were gonna stand and fight forever.
    Lost in the echo…
    I h8 everything about you
    I am machine
    I'm sorry momma…
    Toy soldier,

    so much more than I can name off….

    Take my life, take my mind, take my soul, take my will….
    Just some of the songs that really helped ALOT


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