Song “Shirley Caesar: Salvation Lyrics” from Shirley Caesar Lyrics album:

When I was lost
I found my way
To a man called Jesus
My heavenly king

I was blind
He made me see
See the light that shines upon me
Hallelujah, follow me to salvation

All my life the Lord watched over me
In happiness and through all misery
He guided me when I was lost but now I’m found
And I feel so much better, I’ve got his love right by me

If you feel lost, follow me
Let me take you to the man called Jesus
He is my heavenly king

Let the joy of his love free your soul
From all damnation follow me to salvation

God told me to tell somebody
You better get in a hurry and follow to salvation
I made up in my mind, I’m going all the way with Jesus
Will you come and go with me to salvation
There is no doubt about that, I’m going all the way
I’m going to see the king
Follow me

Shirley Caesar: Salvation Lyrics from Shirley Caesar Lyrics

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