Song “Sada Baby: #SkubaRuffin Lyrics” from Sada Baby Lyrics album:

C’mon nigga push this shit up… Skuba Ruffin
C’mon nigga… Oh, Skuba Ruffin ain’t it?
I drank the lean, I drank I drank I drank the lean
I drank the lean lean lean, yeah yeah, Skuba Ruffin nigga
Aye, aye… my baby… baby… baby, mm
A real one… aye send me a real one

7, 000 grams, that’s a hell of a feelin’, “7 more again” said the man in the buildin’
Feel me? Know some pussy niggas wanna kill me
Baby, will you hide the gun if I murda?
Real one, God send a real one, a real one
Watch she hold me down, I bet money on my baby
Ain’t no way around, we don’t play bout being loyal
Puerto Rican choppa,.223 call it “Sir Royal”

I just popped a whole perc, fuck a half
Rib hit me with some whole work, fuck a slab
Tooda Man got his vans on with ’bout 20 bands
Whip out 20 bands on the bitch, hoe this shit real
You can get killed if you disrespect the perm perm
Make a nigga learn, choppa on me make him do the worm
Like “Nigga is you sho’, is you sure? “, know my jumper pure
Like “Nigga is you sure, is you sho’? “,.40 wet his clothes
We gone wet her nose, fell in love with raw like X’s & O’s
I don’t text them hoes, disrespected them when I met them hoes
Can’t respect them hoes, why my momma hate them messy hoes
Pussy nigga quiet, somebody tell that boy be quiet
‘Fore I get my.9, ride out, and get him gone tonight
That’s if I decide to give some meaning to his broke ass life
Broke ass wife, no attention from me ’cause I sold her white
If I told you twice, that choppa chewing like a overbite
Nothin’ overnight, I did this shit with all the wrongest rights
Police read my rights, I know they lying, fuck them flashing lights
Hit the hazard lights, A.R make him need a candle light
Need a hat & tie, [?] said that nigga had to die
If I ask him why, he just gone do it again ’cause ya’ll niggas hoes
Red wing froze, Tooda got the lion head froze
Whole kit from Hutch, Golden Sun can hold my whole nuts
Shoot another video in the Wop if I want to
Made 20 bands out that bitch, I’ll hoe you
Got the doves on me, F&N them my go-to’s
Skuba man, been the man, skate-land, ’02
Niggas never ever say the shit I’m sayin’, Pro Tools
Niggas mad, ’cause I’m on 1, & they owe niggas
Niggas mad, ’cause I’m outta here, & they local
Niggas mad, ’cause I’m underwater, & they can’t swim
Yo babymomma love me, to you she say, “I hate him”
In her head crying to herself like, “Why he ain’t him”
Fuck a Giphy, Skuba trap, Ken Griffey
10 with me, fuck around 10 in a Simply
Me & him him, sellin’ dope at Mt. Clem’ hims
My nigga Tim Tim, & baby Dolph I can’t forget them
If you fuckin’ with them, pull out the.40 with extensions
Pay attention, you can’t jump in if you been missing
I’m too meticulous, wave riders is ridiculous (HUUH!)

Sada Baby: #SkubaRuffin Lyrics from Sada Baby Lyrics

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