“Here Again” sung by Rheva Henry live at Bethel Church
| Episode 2 of 4 from a special Sunday worship night |

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Rheva Henry – Here Again (Spontaneous – I Want More) | Worship Night by UCbertc-gMbkkHuSmg0qwnxw


  1. excellent worship given to the King of kings. 🔥thank you bethel for leading us to worship even just by watching.💓 the sensitivity of the worship leaders and of the instrumentalists to the flow of the Holy Spirit and not to mention Rheva's voice is power!

  2. Praise God for this girl & thank you Bethel, for bringing her on board! Heaven will be the most colorful place, not just because of God's creation there, but because I believe every nationality & race will be represented. That is my dream church! Everyone loved & accepted & free to use their gifts for God! Every nationality & race has a specific & vital anointing all their own, given by God, to reveal Him & bring heaven to earth! The Lord bless you Rheva! Sing & glorify our God!

  3. Felt the anointing just by looking at the thumbnail!! Then I clicked on it and could barely hear because of all the noise all around, but had goose bumps all over. Wheeewww God is good! And he is ALL over HER and that team!

  4. My God my God! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Though I am enamored by her personal worship to the Lord and the hearts worshiping God in this beautiful moment, I am also reminded of what it feels like to come back to that place where you need the Lord with you in the midst of the rocky boat, unsettling waves, pain and sorrow. You just need to get to that place where it's just you and Him. Thank you for just the authenticity and pure worship.

  5. Its already 6am here in the Philippines. I woke up after a great dream.. And that dream is all about ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS. I can't explain the happy feeling and pain. I was still groggy but i checked YouTube to listen a worship song then this song pups up.. When the lyrics said.. COME HOLY SPIRIT DRY BONES AWAKEN, it really hit my heart and let my eyes cry because of happiness. Finally! God made a way for me to forgive that person and accept what happened 🙂 Truly IM NOT ENOUGH UNLESS HE COME. It seems my bones are truly awaken! Because of you God!

    Thank you Bethel for this WONDERFUL WORSHIP SONG!
    This is one of my dream! To sing to God i pray my voice cooperate 😁
    GODBLESS YOU ALL! More of Jesus! 😍😍😍
    To God be all the Glory! 😊😊💖

  6. i don't know about y'all, but i was balling my eyes out for a solid 16:08 minutes.. wow didn't expect this today… was feeling so stressed out today but this completely shook me deep. "Im not enough unless you come".. like come on..
    so thankful for this moment.


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