Song “Raekwon: Yae Yo (Remix) Lyrics” from Raekwon Lyrics album:

[Snippet from Scarface #1]
Hey, fuck you, man!
Who put this thing together?
That’s who
Who do I trust?

Nah this what I’ma do
I’ma get on the phone one time

[Chorus 1]
Yae yo, yae yo, cop that yae yo
Gotta be thuggin, thuggin

[Verse 1: Raekwon the Chef]
Yo, ayyo, why this shit ain’t cooking up right?
Papi told me this is solid white
Fuck it wrap it up take it back up
Still in all it’s a play out
Tired of spending money
Might get them niggas laid out
Yo, yo Fernando sent me, yo
Stop acting hostile, yo
And yo don’t point that shit at me
Bad enough I gotta come in the crib
Wid spanish niggas using languages and shit
I’m feeling like a dick
Left the crib wit my hand brolic
This is some bullshit
Might get knocked take the wrist coward
Yo, Fernando what happened?
Shit cooking up backwards
Light up a Backwood
Don’t make me backtrack
Blew it dime it, the yae yo lay low
Saying in my mind
Fuck that papi gotta pay off
Cash rules the Power-Wu chant it
Yo Louis this ain’t our product
This is Carlos family
Oh y’all wanna play me like a smoker
Coming out my ice choker
My man in the back, looking colder
Papi yo why y’all wanna jucks me
Yo listen B we got the best clientele since ’83
Fuck it, pull out the pot let’s cook it
Light the stove up
Julie go to the store get some flour
Sat back burning a big dutch
With the crisp 18 shot glock, stashed in my nuts
Poured it in the Pyrex sizzling
Now it start drizzling
Rainy day murder, black won’t miss him
Still I’m yelling this shit is business
But they still ain’t gon’ violate
What I stand for wid these drizzers
He took it off the stove run the water
Trying to work me, yo
Knew I shouldn’ta hit the nigga’s daughter
He mighta showed more love
Than went in the freezer
And broke the ice down, pour it in
We both looking at it on the twirl around particles grew
Fly Khaluas is mad sliding Coronas through
Feeling like Castro’s cousin
Gave them niggas all of my life
All of my paper all my judgement
It droppa only like an ounce worth
Should I just come out my shirt
Go berserk and let the Macks burst
Skate off body in the Bronx
Same shit Gotti was on
Shallah, they gonna get your’s play it calm
Seventeen five was the total plus the five,
Hundred for the cab driver that was rolling
Yo, he blank rubbed his nose like a Nazi
Jocked me, glock meets cock
Ready to light up shop, watch me
Standin by the ‘fridgerator then caught the gleam
From his eye, and he watch a nigga ride for the rent
He looked up, recognized real
Oh Papi, yo, pardon me
Your glass spilled all over the floor
Guess that’s real, we both shakin hands
Holdin guns, gave me back, all my ones
We did that shit political, it’s all done
Last word, we bout to vanish
Cognio, you woulda bust, right?
Don’t Puerto Ricans speak Spanish?

[Chorus 2]
Yaaaae yooooo
Cop that yae yo
Yae yo
Bap do dap do da da yae yo
Cop that yae yo
Yaaaae yoooo

[Snippet from Scarface #2]
Say hello to my little friend!

[Verse 2: Cormega]
Yo, lay back like a fat Buddha
Holdin my pearl handle mover in a Land Cruiser
Rims shine like day time, in Bermuda
I write rhymes smoother than niggas
Who be frontin like, half a key movers
I have to be financially set
New Lex in front of my duplex
My shine, drippin wet
New nines in case your crew flex
My brown eyes leavin your boo stressed
So bad you had to get a new red vest
Cause I collects tax
My advice is to accept that
Step back, blast, don’t even wet that
Yo, it’s mandatory
I’m self explanatory
Don’t front on me shorty
Young Scarface, for real
I wanna die blastin
Fuck stashin
My next 50 G’s I’m buyin me a fire wagon
Thugged out, leather interior
Meg is superior
My art of war dented your area
My mug shot praised in jail cells and drug spots
My razor, touch faces and carve rocks
Corrupt cop cases
Had me on semi-vacations
It’s day dreams, lay down way schemes
For niggas who get payed and takes cream
Drugs supplier, thugs admire
Ghetto dun-dun gunfire
Keep my nine higher
The drama equilizor
I speak the mind-a, Keyser
Soze, no survivors

[Snippet from Scarface #3]
Say goodnight to da bad guy

[Snippet from Scarface #4]
Go ahead, I take your fuckin bullets!
You think you can get me with bullets?!
Go ahead, I take your fuckin bullets, go ahead!
[Shotgun blast] Aaauaaagh!
[Splashing of water]

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