Song “Raekwon: For The Listeners Lyrics” from Raekwon Lyrics album:

This for the listeners with big businesses getting it, living overseas with it
Who get fly as a fuck roll up drop a hundred thousand like seed niggas
All my jewelry is custom and it’s live from the head to the V’s nigga
We gon’ be getting it, we gon be getting it and getting it

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Drug trafficker. Bank book from Attica
Mack slappa right in ya lab I put the apple on it
Dipped in pajamas, to hold the llamas and anacondas
Promotional cuts kniccas with choppas
On the Wu panaramic, elevator lab with a hammock
Wrangler red, coke in cabinets
Flex on the mayor, slinging in Disney on the lay-up
Fresh new whites on you pay us
Back to this emceeing, dipped in so many DMs
Taking it back to baby BM’s
Meet me at the manor, where all my kniccas sit back and gamble
Put your house up, buy you a Lambo
And my lady she a winner, got a real knicca my agenda
Cop u everything give you the VIN number
Style more passion, flashin’ a general, nasty, mixed with raw more and fashion.


[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Russian connect shower head flooded in baguettes
Come live in my garage with the steps
Blue nosed pit, the stove cost a hunnid
We trick, money we funny tax write piff
Covers is Louie, pillows Chanel, flowing well
Fish tank gazelle made me skip
The honululu of france, maxing with my boo boo
Between me and you in this rap I’m a guru
Everything we buy is fly. From Fila to Dida
Catch me overseas near the key-ahs/kiosk
3 6 to B.I’s, tee on, Levis
Tidal wave rap version me forty mirars
This pussy ain’t nothing, it’s money we want
Rolling a blunt, run down your honey with a gun, yo
Kniccas to bitches to outside visitors
With rap crack darts dedicated to the listeners.


Raekwon: For The Listeners Lyrics from Raekwon Lyrics

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