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[Kanye West:]
Where the bad bitches, huh? Where you hiding?
I got the power to make your life so exciting

[Quentin Miller:]
On some fire shit when arrivin’
When I’m drivin’ I be glidin’
You on my, stay on my dick
Niggas talk shit, page on private
I had walked in, everything big
They like, “How that nigga walk in one leg?”
In LA they tune in to what the boy say
In NY they listenin’ to what son said
Made myself a major player
Back when we was bumpin’ Thank Me Later I was on my way up
I can’t let ’em play us
All my dues paid up, [?] free world when it comes to pay cuts
Self-titled genius before I linked with genius
Came from nothing, you should have seen it, now look at me
All that hatred niggas put on me…
‘Cause I’m everything you couldn’t be…
[?] get ’em so excited
VH1, Flavor Flav, you know what time it is
Give us love, give us love over violence
What is love? It’s a drug, you should try it

Hahaha, for real, it’s a drug

Quentin Miller: So Excited… Lyrics from Quentin Miller Lyrics

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