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[Quentin Miller:]
Yeah, I apologize, slipped a couple times
Slipped into a dark place running towards the light
I slipped, like DMX in ’98 I owned up to my mistakes
I had a couple records leak
That dark cloud been rainin’ on my career since then, shits been- Difficult, but then again I can’t recall when it hasn’t been
This much alcohol is hazardous but fuck being sober I’d rather this Somehow the word “Lit” became synonymous with happiness
I remember back when I ain’t have to twist a cap for me to spit a rap
Dreams do come true I’m really livin’ that
The nightmares do too, see what I’m gettin’ at?
The signs was right there and I was missin’ that
All along it was in me, I was just livin’ timid
Afraid to say that I’m just as good as my completion
If not better, strange feeling, the same feeling
When I was a kid and lookin’ out the window
At the other children, get on the bus and shit
I felt I wasn’t living, the grass is always greener
I know the deeper meaning, hold up
While I’m awake I’m dreaming, on some Dr. King shit
I do believe in freedom, that shit so expensive
That’s why the whips be rented, fake it till you get it
When I pass away, what they gone say ’bout Quentin?
Did he make a difference? Was he even different?
What’d he teach his children? What he preach in lyrics?
How he lift our spirits? Not that fake shit, not that vain shit
How’d he change shit? You see the games rigged
I made a name in it, that’s the hard part, the even harder part
Not fallin off, Nike watcha calls
On the green like Jason day asun
Make a way or don’t, it’s up to you
That’s the beauty, if you don’t, or if you do you get to choose
It’s up to you

[Hannah Williams:]
I’m never gonna treat you
I’m never gonna treat you like I should

Quentin Miller: 4:21 Freestyle Lyrics from Quentin Miller Lyrics

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