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Hey Bro
You know what you should do?
Diss track on RiceGum, dude
Yeah, that’s gonna bang
He hasn’t even done anything, man
That hasn’t stopped you before though, has it?
Guess you’re right, what would I even say though?
You were in a pool, on a pool toy, he was on a pool, on a pool toy, in a music video
That is straight up plagiarism, bro
You should be making at least twenty diss tracks
You know what, fuck it, let’s just do it

I saw you in a pool with a floatie
Lil’ bitch, you ain’t cool, you a phony
Only think you cool, ’cause you rocking all them jewels and ‘Roley
You been acting like a fool and it’s showing
Probably dropped out of school in the third grade
Acting out a fake persona, bitch, your life is charades
And now I’m going in, everybody be noticing
When I go and expose this kid, his fans saying “Hurray”!
They ain’t loyal, thinking that they honor you?
Say you gonna upload daily, never follow through
I lost half my IQ when I followed you
Flex and misspell words is really all you do
It’s true, I got less subs than you do
But you made fun of a rape survivor, then made her strip for your YouTube
Like that’s an apology
Like that’s an apology?
Like sorry I joked about you getting raped, but can you please just dance on this pole for my following?
I mean honestly
I’ll shout your gram out, yeah that’s really all you need
That’s some comedy
I don’t even understand how you can even fall asleep
You don’t count sheep, you count box logos
Sell out your own friends for some hot photos
Content so watered-down, and you drowning like a guy with no arms playing Water Polo
Clout Gang, Clout Gang
Yeah, you really just about fame
RiceGum, AfroGum, Bryan Lee, without Clout, you’re a no-name
See me on the screen, like who the fuck is this?
Homie told me, “I got someone you should come and diss!”
So I listened to your tracks and watched a couple vids
Enough of this!
I’m dropping diss tracks, I’m the fucking shit!
And you are just shit!
You a piss-take
10-minute vid, and half is empty? Yeah, that shit’s fake
I pray to God, you don’t ever drop a mixtape
The only thing you ever gave your fans was some clickbait
That’s ironic though, I get it
But I don’t even know, why you been getting all the credit
You don’t even make your own vids and you said it
Ghost-writer, ghost guy, you hire just to edit
And I’m small, I know I ain’t no big rapper
Am I dissing you? I’m really dissing TheDissRapper
Better call him up, his channel is dying and lonely
It’s winter time, it’s getting cold, he need some fire emojis, bitch
Imagine RiceGum on Christmas day
I’ll give myself the ten-thousand from my giveaway!
Don’t even know you, so don’t you feel a way
Not sure if Santa had a sub-bot in his sleigh
Too bad, get it, I’m irrelevant!
Respond to this, you can’t do it, you ain’t getting it!
In my element, bitch I’m excellent
You built like Spongebob, and yet you’re always flexing shit!

Career missing like Will Byers
All your women pretty, but they little liars
Used to watch your shit and I would feel inspired
Now I’m really tired
Gotta make this shit, ’cause I’m who kids admire
Now I’m in the fire
Building an empire
Now you in the hills
And it’s really lit
Got producers so you think you really spit
This time, I crossed the line like an immigrant
I ain’t innocent, cause an incident
Had to win the lawsuit, get that back up
Had to make my money, let it stack up
I’m just trying to do the most I can, before life decides it’s time for me to pack up
Gotta act up
Put my stats up
Make a diss track? Better back up
I been flossing, yeah you build the plaque up
Sommer Ray, yeah, she give me back rubs
17, I want everything, bigger better rings, that’s what
That’s what, that’s what
Bad Blood like Taylor Swift
Better get a screen protector if you come by Rice and you taking pics
Might just throw your phone, have it crack and shatter to pieces
Wow, too nice
Ironic how when your phone’s broke, you meant to use rice
Use Rice, got his new ice
He be living that YouTube life
Time for me to get a new life, if this is the guy I’m compared to
I bet he could respond but he probably is too scared to

Quadeca: Exposed Lyrics from Quadeca Lyrics

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