Praise & Worship Songs – "I Will Rise" – Various Artists – with Lyrics by UCmn4yMS35188teWI9Y58WkQ


  1. am almost 70 now and my weary battle scared heart now rest in the Lord–when the song said=eagle wings I had to show this poem that came to me one day. Am not a poet or even a skilled writer but its how I feel so here goes=its called "On wings of eagles" wherein is the beaconing call that my soul does yearn and swane, beyond the grassy meadows of green and scarlet waine–cast off my mortal brow and soar above the plains and gently rock my torrent mind to a gentlet kinder time. Oh! to wander up a mountains girth with leaves beneath my feet, and stumble in the glory of cool waters beneath my feet. What a wonderious feeling of peace my mind to hold, of crickets calls and mountain birds that confort with their song…. Set me free! oh horizon where Jesus and angels sing, and wrap me in YOUR comforting arms where my soul does yearn to bring. And never more abide in this old mortal body dwell, but soar as eagles do above the clouds and wing above this hell.—-and I too will rise–thanks for this song-love it.Having been a breast cancer survivor, also murders in my family and lots more horrible things that people would not believe its been a long tough road for me but through it all He was there to hold me up, comfort me and strengthen me and days I thought I could not go on another day-He was there in His very still way talking to me and pushing me on and telling me="be strong fight the good fight" so now I set here thinking back with a new understanding and a peace that passeth all understanding and knowing He was with me and still is…."for He careth for you" If man only knew what the Lord has for them and how much He did for us and is doing to help us WE then would find a great strength and a peace that only He can give.

  2. My Lord God and Savior I thank you, worship you,praise you,honor you,magnify you, exalt and bless your name,live for you,thank you Mighty,Holy God alone you Lord..
    Alleluiah, Alleluiah, Alleluiah.

  3. i want to download all this songs my soo soo favorite gospel worship songs pls help me how to download all this songs so i could listen to even if i dont have internet connection😍 thank u for your help brothers and siaters in Christ❤️😘❤️😘 to God be the Glory

  4. Thank you!!! Except for the advertisements that keep playing after each song, which disturbs the pleasure of listening, it is an amazing selection of praise and worship songs.
    God alone deserves all the Praise Glory Honour and Thanks.
    Thank you once again.
    God bless the entire team, who complied this. 😊

  5. John 3:16 “For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only Begotten Son JESUS for whosoever believe in JESUS will, will not perish but have Everlasting Life.” Thanks for this music!🙏🙏🙏

  6. Woke up this Morning and my sister said put something on, so i did and just hearing these lovely songs full of joy and the power of our god it's a grate sensation. We live inn México city and we listen to this Morning songs when we can. Grate day and God bless every one of yall.

  7. Lord whever i listen to the songs which praise and worship you i just honour glory to you lord 🙏🙏🙏 God lord thank you for the gift of three daughters you have given me am a parent because of your love to me


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