No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) – Jonathan David & Melissa Helser | We Will Not Be Shaken

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  1. I lost a friend because I admitted my sin of lust about her that I had a while ago. I knew it's sinful to have that lust in my heart. But even as I tried to explain it, she doesn't understand how hard it is for a man to suffer such things within the mind.

  2. My mum died at the beginning of 2019; she lost her fight with cancer. We were closer than mother and daughter….we have an eternal bond. But before she left us, I got to spend the last 15 mos of her life with her as her caregiver. I took her to every doctor's appointment, cooked, cleaned and did whatever she needed. I'm so blessed to have had that time with her. My mum was so courageous. Her love for God did not waiver despite the circumstance. She served God, worshipped, prayed, studied scripture and sang all the way through. This song came on the radio almost every time we were driving to the cancer center. We both learned it. Whenever I hear it is bittersweet. But God's promises are true. He takes care of His children. The fear of death never dwelled on my mum. She was brave unto death because of God. My mum is no longer a slave to cancer. She's safe in the arms of God now. I hope and pray that this song is an encouragement to others as it was for us. God Bless you.

  3. I am no longer a slave to sex addiction. I know that I am a free person in God's light and Satan will never grab me in HIS claws again. I pray for every precious soul here, every broken heart that was inflicted by Satan through bullying, addiction, doubt, and spreading lies everywhere. From this day that YOU read this you may say: I am no longer a slave to [??], I am a child of God and deserve a second chance! I will rise from the shadow of lies and step into the peaceful light of God's power.

  4. I have always struggled with some form of fear, but recently it became worst. On April of this year, I lost my 24-year-old son. His death was unexpected. Ten months prior to his birth, I lost my first son and immediately after, I became pregnant with him. I considered him the child of salvation because his birth brought me to realize that I needed Jesus Christ in my life. About a day after being discharged from the hospital, I gave my life to Jesus. Giving my life to Jesus helped me heal from the hurt I was suffering from the death of my first son. However, twenty-four years have gone by and I lose my second son. I feel hopeless and as if there will be no healing. I have always kept my faith in God, and I am still trying to, but this time I feel different. I feel lost, confused, fear and in a standstill.


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