Neyi Zimu – Jehova Retshepile – Lyric Video

Lyric video for Jehova Retshepile by the late Pastor Neyi Zimu.

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  1. Rest in peace dear brother in Christ, you have finished your race, you have served the Lord with your earthly life, may you rejoice in the glory of heaven. Your demise is such a huge loss to many. My heart pains upon receiving this sad new this very morning. Shalom brother, shalom 😭

  2. I am heartbroken, so many questions, but I trust you God,you are still God even in this trying moments, He was a great worshipper, but I believe that this world is not our home, and Engels where waiting for Him in Heaven,RIP man of God,may God mend my broken heart

  3. I only recognize one word in this song and that's the name of Jehovah but the spirit of God I still feel and was able to worship. Sorry to hear of his passing but he has graduated from Earth to Glory and obtained what is the hope of the saints which are alive and remain.

  4. I had this song on replay during a very difficult time in my life. At that time I couldn’t even pray but this song kept me connected to Jehovah. Thank you Pastor Zimu for the role you played in my life through your music may your soul rest in peace…🇿🇼

  5. Just found out that Neyi Zimu has passed on. May His soul Rest In Peace.

    I wonder how his family, Benjamin Dube, Omega and the Spirit of Praise family are taking this news.
    May the Holy Spirit comfort them all at this challenging time in Jesus name.


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