“Alabaster Heart” sung by Kalley Heiligenthal live at Bethel Church

Kalley went through “layers of surrender” as the 6th largest fire in California history climbed over a hill and into her neighborhood. During the 12 hours that passed as she waited to find out if her home would still stand, Kalley found herself releasing control of all she owned and met the opportunity to give God an offering.

With her song “Alabaster Heart,” Kalley calls us to trust God with all that we give Him, and believe that He knows what is on the other side of our surrender. “Alabaster Heart” is Kalley’s first single from her upcoming solo project Fault Lines.

| About Kalley |
Kalley is a Bethel Music worship leader and songwriter is known for her songs “Ever Be” and “Spirit Move,” featured on Bethel Music albums Have it All (2016) and We Will Not Be Shaken (2015) and is featured on several other Bethel Music compilation albums.

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| Verse 1 |
So here it is, my alabaster heart
I’m keeping nothing back from who You are
No hidden treasure veiled by key or lock
You’re a lifetime worth of worship
And that’s only just the start

| Verse 2 |
Here it is, my every waking day
The minutes, hours, the years of endless praise
For You’re worthy far beyond all I could say
There’s a lifetime worth of worship
In the nuance of Your names

| Chorus |
Let it rise like incense
My whole life, a fragrance
Every ounce, here broken at Your feet
Every breath, an offering
My heart cries, these lungs sing
Over You, my worthy King of Kings

| Verse 3 |
There it is, Your alabaster cross
Giving all You are for all I’m not
I can’t believe that’s the kind of King You are
How could I not bring a lifetime worth of worship to You God

| Bridge |
All my love
All my love
All my love
You can have it all
All my heart
All my soul
All I own
You can have it all

| Alt Chorus |
Let it rise, like incense
My whole life, a fragrance
Every ounce, here spilled out at Your feet
Every breath is my offering
My heart cries these lungs sing
Over You, my worthy King of Kings

| Tag |
You’re worthy of it all

Written by:
Kalley Heiligenthal | Benjamin Hastings

#Alabasterheart #bethelmusic

|New Song| Alabaster Heart – (LIVE) – Kalley Heiligenthal | Worship | Bethel Music by UCbertc-gMbkkHuSmg0qwnxw


  1. ALL my love all my heart all my soul all i own you can have it all! It all starts with total surrender to God and let the holy spirit in ,complete trust in God! As i wait for the next chapter O Lord you can have it all😢 all my praise all my worship! This is beautiful and has helped me realise better days are coming xx

  2. You can't listen to this song without reflecting on God's love and grace. You will be cut in a moment of silence and deep thought about the inspiration behind this song. All my life, all my heart, all my love, all my soul, you can have it all. Very breath an offering, this lungs sing over you.

  3. God bless and save us all. Wake up folks. Let us all pray and unite as one in Christ Jesus our Lord. Dear brothers and sisters, we are at spiritual warfare. Please let us pray for GOD kingdom to be established in Earth as it is in Heaven. Let us pray for United States of America and for president Donald J Trump. Wake up Folks. No more to lukewormness and passiveness. We love you, bless you, praise you and adore you Lord Jesus Christ. All the glory, honor, power, authority, strength, dominions, wisdom and riches are yours Lord Jesus Christ forever. May our Lord God bless us, save us and keep us in Jesus Christ Mighty Holy Name. Amen. Folks let us repent of our sins and pray faithfully.

  4. Worship is THE way to break the enemies yoke and to enter in behind the veil, into the throne room, before the Face of our holy King. Started to dig into the Word with the same desire to know Him better and there I found my Jesus in such a powerful way! He sets me free daily. I am passionately in love with You my worthy King.
    “all my heart all my soul all my love You can have it all”!!! Amen 🙏🏼


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