Song “Naaz: Sadboy Lyrics” from Naaz Lyrics album:

Love me
I wanna say it loud
But I know you’re too lost to
Love me

I hear it in the way that you say
You’re thinking of me
You’re living in your head and you’re tryna get out and
Be free, and I wanna know

Why you look so sad, boy?
Used to be so glad boy
Why you feel so bad
Uh uh

I will
Heal you more than time will
Chaos in your mind still
Let me take it back?

Tell me do you want it
Cuz I can give you what you need

I know that you’ve got it
So let me show you what I see

In your, madness, baby
You’re more than you think
Baby you’re a sadboy!
And I know I can set you free
I can set you free

Trust me
You’re living with doubt
Cuz the looks just count
So ugly

Got a pretty face
But that ain’t my chase
So let me

Get inside your head
And show you what’s real oh
I just need to know

Naaz: Sadboy Lyrics from Naaz Lyrics

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