In this hilarious video illustration spoof of a popular beer commercial, we salute a young musician who volunteers his talent with less than spiritual intentions.

$1.99 hi-res version available at

Mr. Likes to Play Worship Music – by UChswnfADubq_Fa_snFHKW9A


  1. Good theme.. This super-star worship leader idea makes me sick to my bones.. Wanna throw up when i see those belly scratchers who can't even play.. 5 chords with 6 notes solo – the best they can do…

  2. @randomanna1 quite frankly a lot of people play worship with the wrong intentions whether for self attention or yes to get chicks. Even as a worship leader i find myself in the wrong mindset at times.

  3. I guess that can be ture to some of the guys…like me when I close my eyes and I wanna worship god and someone that I like is next to me I stop smiling and thinking of him but them I'm like oh wait I need to worship god and I tell god sorry:)


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