Maren Morris – GIRL (Lyric Video)

Hear “GIRL” by Maren Morris, available now on her latest album, GIRL:

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  1. This is me crying from fighting mental illnesses and being cheated on cause I wasn't "wild,fun&normal" like she was. And of course I can handle the cheating part but not living w/ mental illnesses for rest of my life.

  2. Sometimes when I'm feeling a little sad and don't want to burden others, I drive around singing at the top of my lungs! I feel so much better, when I find a song that makes me express my self! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!😘💖

  3. Excellent watching you perform now on Abc!!! If you are too hit like!!! Subscribe to me if it's cool 🙂 Edit now coming in due yo you winning Album of the year!!! I said please be her and you won!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. My name is Jayden (I'm a girl).. I saw my girlfriend kiss my bully I trembled to the floor crying..I felt betrayed but my best friend helped me off the floor Sammy if you are reading this thank you 😁

  5. This is my boyfriend's pH but I had this probation officer who was so cool that she made this my song and made me feel like anything was possible and not to worry. I miss her wish she would come back ty miss gomez

  6. This helps I miss my parents and I can’t get someone to stay with me and I’m scared if I get in a relationship there gonna brake my heart. Because it’s happened more than one, just remember it’s going to be ok


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