Scientific statement of being put to music. Words by Mary Baker Eddy.

hymns on acoustic guitar, male voice

Music: © 2011, Dean G Wolfe

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The “Scientific Statement of Being” is by Mary Baker Eddy from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Words are used courtesy of The Mary Baker Eddy Collection.

Other images allowed for free use with Apple iMovie

there’s a ‘live’ version of this done in the Sunday School of my church in Victoria B.C. :

Man Is Spiritual (Christian Music project) by UCoa53MO86cqY2JZ98bz6Kqg


  1. I think I've seen it in amazon under the name: "Arrangements for Guitar and Piano. Words and tunes from the Christian Science Hymnal … Words in English, French, German and Spanish … Arrangements by L. Groce and R. Powell". Good luck! 😀

  2. I was googling The Scientific Statement of Being and came across your version in song. It is truly uplifting and beautifully sung. So surprised to hear it. Well done you. Hope it spreads the message to one and all! JB

  3. Just lovely!! My family have been Christian Scientists 4 generations back. We really appreciate this beautiful performance and the new exposure it will give the accompanying fine sentiments by Mary Baker Eddy.


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