Mahima Pradhan (King of Glory) a song birthed out of a vision at a youth camp.
In this vision, Lord Jesus entered on a blazing chariot and walked in majestically, soon after this everyone in the room felt a tangible presence and were awestruck by the intensity of His presence.

His appearance was like it is mentioned in Matthew 28:3 He appeared like lightning.
This vision , until this day, is beyond comprehension.
The worship session lasted for hours together and the whole place was wrecked by His glory.

This song describes His Majesty and is a bold declaration of His glory.

Music Credits:
Lyrics, Vocals and composition by Praneet Calvin
Music Production – Nyzel D’lima
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Studio NYZ
Backing vocals – Gwen D’Lima & Ryan Dias
Backing Vocals arranged by Ryan Dias
Drums arrangements – Akshay Calvin, Nyzel D’lima
Bass Guitar – Abinesh Shettigar, Nyzel D’lima

Video Credits:
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar – Praneet Calvin
Synth and Backing Vocals – Akshay Calvin
Strings – Monish Thummala
Piano – Williams Madas
Bass Guitar – Wilbert Fernandes
Drums – Akil unni
Make up – Suman Singh Chauhan, Karen Mehta
Location courtesy – YMCA Nilshi
Special thanks to Abhay Wadekar

Cinematography & Edit – Benjie Rajan
Camera Assistants – Akhil & Mayur

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Tu hai mahima pradhan
Senadheesh Prabhu
Tu hai mahima pradhan
Senadheesh Prabhu

Raj karein woh hum par
Uski rooh ka kabza hum sab par

Senao ka Yahovah mere sang hai
Koi kami mujhe na hogi
Rajao ka Raja Prabhu mere sang hai
Woh hi hai mera drudgadh

Tera takht sada ka hai
Teri karuna sada ki hai
Teri mahima sada ki hai
Tera prem sada ka hai
Tera raj sada ka hai
Tu hai mahima Pradhan hai

Teri Jai…Jai…Jai ho sada

Mahima Pradhan | Hindi Worship Song – 4K | Praneet Calvin by UC1n7g2nXNI0rBOZnNsGm_mQ


  1. This is sad, you people invested so much money for a waste like this. Same old lyrics, same old tunes. Aren't you a worship leader? Shouldn't you getting revelation about something different then all yeshua and sheldon bangera? Or are you just focused on selling our your album and prove yourself an artist. This is a Sad day. Such a waste of time


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