Song “Mack Wilds: Love Letter Lyrics” from Mack Wilds Lyrics album:

I heard you wanted me like
Rain in the summer, like warm in the winter
Been laying with these crooks who just been stealing your splendor
Time and time again I see you fucking with these other niggas
And I ain’t really got no right ’cause I been out the picture
But I get the picture (I get the picture)
Hah, I know you been waiting on me to regain your interest
It’s interesting how people change as seasons do
If I don’t talk about it who going to?
Huh, I should say sorry for the wait
I mean, I know just how you get when a nigga on delay
But I been busy busting down this depression and insecurities
Credit getting better [?] of this industry
Paying all attention to these friends that’s really enemies
And praying for these niggas that just wanna see the end of me
It sucks to see but all I wanna see is you
Give you that feeling, we missing back since our youth, and uh
Hah, it’s the truth baby
I know these battles come and go, I’ll be your truce baby
Put my all into a situation, no matter the situation
And yeah these niggas [?] situation
Remember we started (remember)
Remember we started as a love story
Then we fucked around deep in these afterhours
Take my time witchu
That’s how you know I fuck witchu
I’ll get ready for another round I guess we’ll call it…

Mack Wilds: Love Letter Lyrics from Mack Wilds Lyrics

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