Song “Mack Maine: Viktory Lyrics” from Mack Maine Lyrics album:

Yo Black And Grey Pin Stripe Suit
Mark Jacobs Hard Bottom I’m Fly Spreading My Wings Like True
And My Date Yea Shes Beautiful Too
She Went Crazy On The Make Up But The Bitchs Still Cute
We Ease Out The Rose And Proceed Forward
Ain’t Solo I’m Passing Twice
Feeling like A Graduation With All These Flashing Lights
You Fucking Right Alotta Voo Who Gonna Splash Tonight
You Damn Right Alotta Wifes Gonna Smash Tonight
Red Carpet Cameras I Say Millz Yikes
Shit This What Victory Must Feel Like
Got You Niggas Stuck Like Still Lifes
Weezy Told The Kid We About To Know What Making History Feel Like
Young Money Got About The Earl
Like Guard Men I Throw My Hands In The air
Scream Top Of The World
The Champs Has Arrived Thanks For The Applause
You Are Far Too Deep Now Past Us Our Water

Pass Me That H2O I’m In The H2
Passing My Old Bitches They Hollaring Out I Hate You
New Bitches That I Don’t Know They Like Maxk I Wanna Date you
Walt Disney On Ice Everytime I Skate Through
I Got The Blue Flame Flow This Inferno
Committee Your Type Of Words They Will Burn You
Your Flesh Is What I Burn Through
I’m Selling You Niggas I’m Paternal
I Ain’t Going Nowhere Like Joe Paterno
Uh I’m Still Calling Shots From The Press Box
I’ll Make You Niggas Cough Up A Lung Like S. Dot
Put Hot Sauce On My Bullets Now Your Flashs Hot
Glove On My Shooting Hand When I’m Feeling The Techs Hot
Ya; l Niggas On the Bench You Get No PT
Cause You Can’t Ball Hard Like BD
You Wanna Be Me
When You At Home You Listen To My CD
And Roll Your Eyes Everytime You See Me
Used to Bump The BG
I Got A White House That Ain’t In DC
Try Atlanta Nigga
Me And My Brother [?] Be Riding Round in Phantoms Nigga
Hand Maybachs With Wheels That Cost A Fortune Like Pacs Sayjack
And We Still Got That [?] White
And Youdna Make It From Hollygrove From This This Familys Life
Honeycomb Hideout Young Money Bee Hive
Let Move To The Side Here Comes The Best Rapper Alive

And I Will Not Lose I Got Them Bitches Looking At The Bottom Of My Shoes
Call Me First Place Colder I Live In A Lead
I’m a Die With The Title And Winning Is Vital
Women Is After We Get That Money Right Now
My Paper Chasing Ways On My Heels Like Some White Sock
I’m a Gonna Go Cause I Really Don’t Like Stock
Pull This Bitch And Shott You once In The Right Spot
Ya’ll Niggas Found It
The Tops So Lonely
I Have To Tell That Boy You Have To Postpone
I’m In A Race And A Race Against Time
Cause Everybodys In A Race Against Mine
But Mama Kinda Fast Though
Mama Told Me Smash Those
So I’m a Bout to Smash Yo
Motherfucking Ass Hole
Motherfucking Asshole
Yes I Know But When You Get Cash Out The Asshole
You Gotta Be On Some Shit
Future Billionaire Yea I Gotta Be On The List
Got A Runway On My Pants Cause All The Models Be On My Dick
Yea Young Money Young Money Swallow They Shit Bitch
Santa Clause Killer With A Holiday Shit List
You Can Check My Imprint Two New Techs and M-10
Every Bullet In Him He Swell Up Like A Blimp And
I Am Money Hoe What The Hell I Look Like Pimpin
Bitch I’m Winning Ya Dig?

Mack Maine: Viktory Lyrics from Mack Maine Lyrics

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