Song “Mac Lethal: The Story Of My Drug Addiction Lyrics” from Mac Lethal Lyrics album:

When I was 23 my mother passed away
I didn’t know that I’d experience my blackest days
I couldn’t feel a thing, I was broken
I needed something more than just drinking and smoking

A friend of mine said “I heard you got some problems
Well, I can help you fix ’em, buddy try some OxyContin
It makes you warm like butter on a biscuit
It’s just like Heroin, but it’s not addictive”

I took one and felt amazing and warm
I felt like a little baby reborn
I felt like I was laying in a cradle in a blanket
As a hundred thousands angels got on stage to perform

Softly playing the horns
I didn’t know that I was entering a dangerous storm
Or I guess I didn’t care, ’cause I ain’t even look
I tried these stupid pills one time and I was hooked

I started taking pills every single day
If I felt anxiety or pressure, it’s OK
I would take a pill, then grind it up and snort it in my nose
I was so damn high, I didn’t feel the torture in my soul

People started saying “Mac, I think you’re just a bit unstable”
Thanksgiving dinner, nodding out up at the kitchen table
Every single fucking bit of cash up in my savings
Went, so I could satisfy my cravings

I wrecked a car, then I wrecked another car
I didn’t care, I was high out on fucking Mars
I used to be a sweet kid on the monkey bars
Now I’m just a junkie, hoping I don’t get drunk and barf

In my sleep, I was stuck out in the rain
I guess I finally figured out that something had to change
You gotta understand, if I couldn’t find pills
I’d be on the bathroom floor nauseous and ill

I started doing research
I couldn’t afford rehab, I couldn’t make those fees work
Plus I didn’t want to treat it like a second home
I didn’t want to take subs, fuck Methadone

My fans knew that I was high, they could tell ya
I got an e-mail from a girl named Bella
Who told me about her husband, a guy named John
Who ran a website Complete Kratom dot com

In a company at perfect peace
She said “We sell this stuff called Kratom
Get online and research it, please”, so I did
I read about Kratom, a lot of addicts online said that it saved them

So I ordered Kratom from John’s website
And it showed up on my front porch the next night
And then I drank some mixed with OJ
It made all my withdraw symptoms go away

And for the first time I didn’t need a pill
Every second of this story that I’m telling you is real
I was no longer a slave locked in a dungeon
I no longer needed OxyContin to function

I started working out, I started lifting weights
I started doing Jujitsu, I started feeling great
Eventually I even met my wife
I swear that I’m reborn, I’ve been living a second life

But the addict in me never died
Man, the addict in you will never die
Just accept it, just embrace it
Take the bad shit in your life and replace it

Find things that you love, get addicted to ’em
Stay away from the drugs, ’cause that shit’ll ruin
Your life, you’re always gonna be an addict
You see? You gotta get high naturally

Good luck

Mac Lethal: The Story Of My Drug Addiction Lyrics from Mac Lethal Lyrics

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