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Last week on my YouTube channel
I told my subscribers to pick the topic
I said I’d rap about anything
I got lots of answers
But the most popular answer I got was:
Rap about The Theory of Relativity

I’m gonna try to make this easy to explain
A lot of people treat this topic like a needle in their brain
They say “Oh my god this stuff is so confusing.”
Well let me fix that for you baby
Mac Lethal is my name
Ok look
This is the Universe
Where everything happens
Every moment, every action
Every whole and every fraction
Every person. Every atom
Every person that’s named Adam
Every galaxy, planet, star
Every forwards, every backwards
The Universe is made of Space
Space is like a fabric…
It’s empty. Literally empty. It’s a vacuum
The Universe is SO big that it’s infinite
Which means the Universe is SO BIG that you could never reach the end of it
But even if you could reach the end of it
It’s expanding so fucking fast
That the future is a moment in the past
Which means: we not only have questions that we don’t know how to answer
We have questions that we don’t know how to ask
Now wait. Don’t let that get confusing
Just know that EVERYTHING in existence is moving
It’s always been moving, It’ll always be moving
And time is a direction, a dimension, and illusion

…The Theory of Relativity…
Was created by Albert Einstein
But let me make something clear to you
When you talk about the Theory of Relativity
You’re not talking about only 1 theory…
You’re talking about 2
There’s Special Relativity and General Relativity
Both of em are amazing
Both of em need explaining
Both of em sound like they were written in an alien language
So hold up… I’ma say it in laymen’s
Special Relativity has 2 main ideas
And I’ma break em down without complicated words
One, The Law of Physics applies to
Every non-accelerating person, place, and thing in the Universe
It doesn’t matter if you’re in a moving OR a parked car
It doesn’t matter if it’s a planet or an actual star
As long as it’s moving at a constant speed
The Laws of Physics apply to it, indeed
And remember what I said?
EVERYTHING is moving
According to the smartest person ever Isaac Newton

[Pothead Steve:] Bro, I’m not moving, I’m right here in one place
[Isaac Newton:] Wrong. You’re on Earth, and Earth is moving through space

Earth is moving relative to the Sun and uh
The Sun is moving relative to the Earth and uh
They’re both moving relative to the Galaxy
Which is moving relative to the The Universe
Now idea 2 of Special Relativity states
The Speed of Light always moves at the same speed
It don’t matter what source it’s from
It could be coming from an iPhone, or coming from the Sun
The light from this flashlight
And the light from this light sabre
Move at the exact same speeds
But depending on where you’re at in the Universe…
And how fast you’re moving
You might see them differently

Let’s say Time is a road paved with Space
There’s no beginning or no ending
The Speed of Light is the speed limit
And the faster that you move on the road
The more the road starts bending
Because the faster that an object moves
The bigger the object gets
The more it pushes Space to slope downward
As Time slows down and Gravity gets more dense
That’s the reason Earth revolves around the Sun
The mass from the Sun pushes down Space-Time
Earth rides the curvature of the Sun’s Gravity
But if the Sun was gone, Earth would move in a straight line
So in conclusion: Space is the same thing as Time
They’re not separate, they’re intertwined
It’s a behaviour, an action
The movement of atoms
Coordinates in the Universe for which things happen
You can set two stopwatches to the same time
But Gravity could make them both tick at different speeds
GPS has to use Relativity to work
It’s not a hypothesis it’s guaranteed
Ok I’m gonna end the video now
This was a challenge to make — I learned a lot
I’m feeling proud
Sometimes it’s not about the reason Why? or How?
It’s simply what the Universe allows

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