Song “Mac Dre: Be About Yo Doe Lyrics” from Mac Dre Lyrics album:

Wut sup cuttie
Pass me that radio raheem
So I can do my thing
Yeah mac drizzle

[Mac Dre:]
I’m the kind of nigga that’ll come through and yoke on you
Burnin rubber in the shitnell, with the 4-0-2
Dippin, dashin, smashin
Through the traffic
Smokin, chokin, hopin,
I rap it
‘Cause my candy’s look wet, three coats of clear
Miami’s on deck with three quartes of beer
Clownin all the freaks but he still gets jocked
Bouncin in the seat while the 15’s knock
I’m dipped in butter everybody jocks my style
Cal hat pulled down to my eyebrow
Polo geared down
I’m in her ear now
Stealin it, she’s feelin it, it’s all clear now
One more hoe, on my team
I’m a pimp homeboy, what do you mean
It’s all about scrilla in the land of thugs and killers
Gangstas, pimps, players, and drug dealers

[Chorus: x2]
If you, wanna fuck with me
Be about yo doe, I gots to have doe
I’m just trying to let you know

It’s 2 in the morning and I’m still chasin cash
Other niggaz in the club, still chasin ass
Fuck theezat
I’m all about my screezatch
I got my fishing pole out trying to ceezatch
A big fish, I’m hungary, need a big bitch
I’m a bump a bitch with the quickness
Boy it’s just pimpin in my blood
Bitches, they all give him love
The Mac name Dre bitch, take it easy
You fuckin with a street nigga that’s greasy
I’ll buck yo brotha, fuck yo motha
Keep it on the DL, it’s all undercover
I’m a hustler bitch, I pull capers
I only fuck with thugs that get paper
Chips, chedda, scrilla, real niggaz, killaz, and drug dealers

[Chorus x2]

24 hours, 7 days a week
I do my thug thang, playin in them streets
But the game I play really ain’t no joke
Come around my way and you might get smoked
Bullet proof vest’s, Chevy SS’s
Come through in a bucket
The next day in a Lexus
It’s a ghetto life
I don’t have no wife
Boy I’m married to the game and I handle my
Business, I’m in this for the money not the honey
Square bitches spooked, they all run from me
Dummy, bitch, if you knew better, you do better
I’m a stay on bitch back like new sweaters
Mac Dre baby
Quit talkin crazy
When you get about some money
It’s all gravy
Ask my last bitch square, that’s all realla
I only fuck with pimps, killaz and drug dealers

[Chorus x2]

Mac Dre: Be About Yo Doe Lyrics from Mac Dre Lyrics

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