Song “Lil Dude & Xanman: Let Me Hold You (G Mix) Lyrics” from Lil Dude & Xanman Lyrics album:

[Lil Dude:]
Niggas know that I’m coming with guap
Dior, Fendi, Gucci socks
Balenciaga foreign pops
Also got them foreign bitches
Came up like a caveman out of the trenches
He a nobody so we benched him
Got fifty shots up in my britches

Bougie bitch, I might get her some edges
Niggas playin’ games but this not an arcade
Big Draco get to singin’ like Rod Wave
Ruth Chris, buy the lil’ bitch an entree
I was in my feelings when I made this one
LAX, time to get me a shipment
How they know I was lyin’? These niggas tippin’
What the fuck?

[Lil Dude:]
Uh, ARP, I’ma slide with a combo
Rich bougie bitch stay out Lago
Fake Gucci, I can tell by the barcode
Ten bands, bust down, Wells Fargo
I gave him that Barbie, he thought it was Gelato
I treat him today but I’m comin’ tomorrow
King of the jungle just like Scar
Hang out the sunroof screamin’ free car

I creep on an opp like the king of Wakanda
My bitch got drip like Taylor Teyana
I’m sippin’ on green like Shrek and Fiona
We cut off the drip like an organ donor
Twenty-two streets, on the hill like Jonah
I was in school, pocket knife in my folder
Got green tips in my gun, I’m an ogre

[Lil Dude & Xanman:]
Hello?.223’s turn your man to some dro
.556 turn your ass to some dough
Bet you can’t do it like me, Shawty Lo
These niggas be high like Alpo
Shooters hoppin’ off the moped
Stick singin’ like Selena Gomez
Throw a nigga in the ocean like Alcatraz
(What the fuck, holmes?)
My bad

Trap phone, all we had was an iPad
I tackle the plug, got me feelin’ ride by
Shoot cause, they don’t know where his mind at
Pew, pew, pew, huh?
Let me hold you down with the 40
T-Pain, I’ma call you my shawty
Chanel, Gucci, she like, “What can you order me?”
Can I hold you down?

Lil Dude & Xanman: Let Me Hold You (G Mix) Lyrics from Lil Dude & Xanman Lyrics

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